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Comparison between the main 4 mountains in the Eastern Townships


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Hello, I've been hitting the slopes for the last 10 years now, and I live on the Island of Montreal. I usually visit Saint-Bruno or the Laurentians. I have been out to the Townships before but only a couple times, and it's been a while. I'd like to go back and see more, but not sure where to start and what to expect. I know that Sutton is known for the rustic look and the glades, and Owl's Head is known for the views and low crowds.

Bromont and Orford seem to be more mainstream for skiing in the region. And from what I gather, Orford and Sutton would be the places with the more expert terrain.

I'm not sure what I am asking but since I don't have much time available to just go as it's in the opposite direction of where my ski gang goes, which ones would you say I should aim to see first?

I'm an intermediate to advanced skier, not expert, and I don't really go into the glades. Just want to experience the slopes and have fun.

Thank you.

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Hi Dominic. Welcome to the Forum. Have you taken a peek at our Ski Area Profile Guide yet by chance? The profiles of all 4 are there for with photos and details on each hill. To give you a bit of an idea, Orford and Owl's Head are both great starts if you are the High Intermediate/Low Expert level skier. There is an excellent variety of nice cruiser trails at both, spread out all over the hill and not just relegated to one or two areas. Sutton is a great place if you are into glade skiing. They do have a good selection of trails as well. There you are looking at a 50/50 split on trails and glades. Yes Sutton does have that vintage feeling but that is what sets them apart from the others. Bromont is the closest to Montreal than all the others. They have 140 some trails there on multiple faces with a decent variety as well. It can get very busy there, but it can be hit and miss as well, can be a zoo, or it can be calm depending on the day. Orford is the biggest in terms of vertical, followed by Owl's Head, Sutton, and then Bromont. 

Bromont would be a good start if you are looking for something close within an hour drive from Montreal on the 10. You will see Sutton's signs on the 10 first but you are still looking at a bit of a drive from the exit to Sutton. Bromont is a couple of exits after but you will see the mountain right away. Maybe 5-10 minutes from the 10. There are some great places to eat as well in Bromont. 

From my experience, if you are going to any one of these areas on the weekend, get there early for decent parking and buying your lift tickets. Also if you go alone, the single's line generally works well to get the most runs you can when it's busy.

Liftopia can be a good friend in finding discounts if you book your tickets online. 

All places are great. Take a look at the photos we have on the guide and a peek at the trail maps as they are included.

If you take your camera with you, please take photos and feel free to post them along with the details of your day. We would like to hear from you on your day(s) skiing.

All the best,


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Hello Dominic, thanks for joining us on the forums and SlopeEdge.

Paul gives a lot of great information above. No matter which mountain you choose, I'm sure you will come away happy. They all offer a big mountain experience.

I'll offer my take and opinion on the mountains too from my own experiences.

Bromont is the closest in feel to a big resort, in that it is the most popular of the bunch due to the number of people who visit. It also is the only one to offer an experience similar to Tremblant, in that you are able to ski on all sides of the mountain.

Owl's Head is my favorite, due to the views. It also has the lowest crowds so you never wait to get on lifts, and all the main lifts are detachable getting you back to the top very quickly.

Orford, I've only been once but it offers long trails when plenty of vertical, and several expert steeps to conquer.

Finally, Sutton captures skiing of a time gone by, with it's 'rustic' look and feel, and the type of trails, many being narrower, windy with plenty of turns. They also have plenty of junctions between them so you can mix and match trails to create very unique descents. Of course the glades are second to none here. 

Overall, no matter which mountain you choose you will have a great day on the slopes. Have fun and happy skiing!

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Lots of great info... lots of choices. 

Inevitably I will ski them all but I think I’m gonna start with Bromont from what you’ve told me. The proximity and the feeling of skiing on all sides of the mountain definitely interest me.

Ski ya later. 

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