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Found 4 results

  1. With KSL aka Alterra's acquisition of Tremblant, comes the new Ikon pass, competitor to the Epic pass. Basically, loyal Tremblant passholders and families are getting screwed with the 2018-19 season rates because: 1. Tremblant eliminated the Latitude and Sublime (the sublime "replacement" is more expensive and with more blackout days) 2. Ikon passes must be purchassed in USD. So you get to pay the fluctuating exchange rate on limited pass options. This one I find particularly offensive because it is ridiculous for Canadian customers to be paying USD to ski on a Canadian mountain. 3. Sure there are more mountains included in your pass. If you can afford to get to them. 4. No more free hot chocolate or other perks for families. You now pay an additional $75 for those perks. 5. The children's pass also goes up in price. Expect a mass exodus of longtime Tremblant passholders who can no longer afford to ski there. I'm sure Bromont and the Charlevoix area ski resorts will welcome them with open arms.
  2. Just received by email a media invitation ... Mont Tremblant Resort invites media representatives to attend a press conference March 12 regarding new major investments. The event is starting at 10am so sometime afterwards we will know what’s coming. I’ll be sure to share here when the press release comes out. The announcement will be webcast live on Facebook here : https://www.facebook.com/tremblant Has anyone heard any rumours? I’m sure a new lift is in the works. Haven’t had any new lifts since the Gondola was installed in 1998 and the Soleil was installed as a result on Versant Soleil. The Destination Soleil gondola does not count as it operates on a limited schedule and doesn't serve any skiing.
  3. Full details here: https://www.slopeedge.net/content/intrawest-resorts-holdings-inc-to-be-acquired-by-affiliates-of-aspen-skiing-company-and-ksl-capital-partners What are your thoughts. No doubt we will have to wait till the Fall or perhaps the following season to see what kind of improvements on mountain there may be. But in the meantime, What would you like to see improved at Tremblant for the skiing experience? Personally... -Lowell Thomas replaced with High Speed Quad. -Duncan Express replaced with six-pack lift. -More development on the Versant Soleil. For Blue Mountain, they already have robust infrastructure with 4 six-pack lifts and additional quads, so not sure what could be realistically improved there other than possible terrain expansion, which I am not sure is even possible.
  4. Making the rounds on the internet is some speculation that Intrawest may be for sale (or some of their properties may be sold off). Intrawest's once biggest property, Whistler Blackcomb, was acquired by Vail Resorts roughly a year ago. In addition, several of their other properties have been acquired by other groups as well. Check out this article on TremblantExpress : http://www.tremblantexpress.com/intrawest-cherche-des-acheteurs/#gal/0/ and The Denver Post : http://www.denverpost.com/2017/01/17/winter-park-ski-area-operator-intrawest-sale/ The mountains they still hold include Tremblant and Blue Mountain in Canada and Steamboat, Winter Park, Stratton and Snowshoe in the USA. In the case of Tremblant, lots of expansion was planned, especially for Versant Soleil. Unfortunately, the 2008 recession took its toll on these plans, and only a few lodging units and casino were built. The skiable terrain also has some expansion potential, as evidenced by master plans created by EcoSign, showing several new lifts, the replacement and upgrade of others, and more trails on Versant Soleil and adjoining areas. http://www.ecosign.com/project/mont-tremblant I still hold hope that these plans can be completed one day, but obviously, the current reality of Intrawest and its owner, Fortress, have put a hold on this happening. Remember the Winter Olympics in 2010, the uncertain future of Intrawest put lots of fear in that Olympic venue. While things ended well for the games, only a few years later the mountain was sold to Vail. With recent speculation of an acquisition of Stowe Mountain by Vail, could Tremblant or Blue Mountain also be on their short list to become part of the Epic pass family? I personally am in favour of some new ownership, especially for Tremblant. There is so much potential for expansion and improvement, not that what is there currently isn't amazing. But replacement of lifts, notably the Lowell Thomas triple, with a detachable quad, should have already happened. It's surprising that this hasn't already occurred. Even Blue Mountain has seen recent expansion with the new Orchard area, 6 new trails and a new six pack chairlift. I'm hoping there is some nice love in store for Tremblant in the near future. What are your thoughts? Have you heard any other related news?
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