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  1. Skison 2020 got its official start on Friday, October 30, 2020 with Sommet Saint-Sauveur's soft launch opening, and while I was not quick enough on the draw to participate, I was all set for Day 2 which delightfully fell on Hallowe'en! As always, Sommet Saint-Sauveur is the first to open in the East, even beating out "longest season in the East" rival Killington this year. As it happens, the state of Vermont has delayed releasing its ski resort opening guidance as covid-19 cases in Vermont have recently seen an uptick, and Killington has tentatively scheduled November 19 for opening. My
  2. Just announced on the Sommet Saint-Sauveur Facebook page, is an investment by the Quebec government of $3 million. This investment will support several projects, one of which is the arrival in 2019-2020 of a new six-pack (6 passenger) heated detachable chairlift. It will be built by Doppelmayr of St-Jerome. This new lift will replace the Atomic Express, the busiest and most popular lift at the mountain, which was built in 1985. This is great news, and something that really excites. The lift will have heated seats, allowing a warmer ride back up the mountain. It tentatively could be t
  3. Skison 2019, day 2! After our late night at Brasserie Harricana, we got a late start to the day, made some breakfast sandwiches (thanks mom for the homemade bread!), and took our time heading up to the mountain, running some errands along the way. We got there around 6, I picked up the skis and board I'd dropped at the atelier mise au point the previous day, and dropped off my older James XX90s for Ptex and a tune. First stop was the T-Bar for a motivational warm boozy drink. Apparently, Friday night at the T-Bar had been quite busy but Saturday was calm and it was easy to get a seat at the ba
  4. The long awaited day has finally arrived, exactly five months to the day that we rode L'Etoile for the last runs of the season. Saint-Sauveur had been teasing an opening for days now, and with Killington's Rime and Reason already in full force as of last Sunday, it was a pretty safe bet that Friday would be the day: TGIF, amirite? The opening was announced for 2PM, however work was a bit too busy for me to get to the mountain until late afternoon. I was finally able to load up the car with my two sets of Kastle James XX90s and my Ride Crush board around 5pm, run a few quick errands and th
  5. Maybe this report should be posted in the Summer Experiences section since it is June 1st! When I heard that Sommet St-Sauveur confirmed their opening for this weekend, I couldn't pass up this opportunity to ski in June. I had never done that before. Last year was close, at May 27th. I left Sherbrooke at 6 and arrived at the mountain at 8:20. I just squeaked through the Turcotte construction just in time as it was down to 1 lane entering on to the Decarie Northbound. The temperature was already 10 degrees by this time with blue skies, a few clouds, and bright sunshine. I noticed that there wer
  6. Ce rapport devrait peut-être être affiché dans la section Expériences estivales puisqu'on est le 1er juin ! Quand j'ai appris que le Sommet St-Sauveur avait confirmé son ouverture pour ce week-end, je ne pouvais pas laisser passer cette occasion de skier en juin. Je n'avais jamais fait ça auparavant. L'année dernière était proche, le 27 mai. J'ai quitté Sherbrooke à 6 h et je suis arrivé à la montagne à 8 h 20. J'ai traversé la construction de Turcotte en grinçant juste à temps alors qu'il n'y avait plus qu'une voie d'accès à la route Décarie en direction nord. La température était déjà de 10
  7. Après un vendredi soir tardif, nous nous sommes reposés samedi matin et je n'ai pas pu assister au jam Nikita Girls Who Ride, qui s'est déroulé de 13h à 17h, un quart de travail par rapport à la session du soir de l'an dernier, qui offrait des conditions parfaites de jour. Nous sommes arrivés à Saint-Sauveur vers 15h30, juste à temps pour le déluge de pluie tombant du ciel. En raison de la sévérité des conditions météorologiques, ils ont arrêté le télésiège pendant un bref moment jusqu'à ce que le risque de foudre et de vent soit passé. Nous avons traîné dans la voiture pendant la pluie et nou
  8. After a late night Friday, we took it easy Saturday morning and I didn't get to the Nikita Girls Who Ride jam, which was from 1-5pm, a shift from last year's evening session, one that offered perfect daytime conditions. We got to Saint-Sauveur around 3:30, just in time for the deluge of rain falling from the sky. Due to the severity of the weather, they stopped the lift for a brief time until the risk of lightning and wind had passed. We hung out in the car during the rain and got ready to ride! After checking in, I headed to the lift, people were trickling back in after the rain, and so
  9. It barely feels like a month has passed since Sommet Saint-Sauveur's skison ended....because really it's only been 21 days! And yet the AKAMP hype is real! AKAMP, now in its 12th year, is a mirage of a snow park in the heat of the summer. This year for the first time, the snow park is located next to the Babalou chairlift on Mont Avila right in front of the main lodge. The new terrain offers some advantages, the first being a more gentle profile, making the park a bit more accessible to novice freestyle skiers and riders, and the second being a lift serviced snow park! AKAMP runs 9AM to 9PM d
  10. Il ne semble pas qu'un mois se soit écoulé depuis la fin de la saison de ski du Sommet Saint-Sauveur....parce qu'en fait, cela ne fait que 21 jours ! Et pourtant, le buzz de l'AKAMP est réel ! L'AKAMP, qui en est à sa 12e année, est un mirage de parc à neige dans la chaleur de l'été. Cette année, pour la première fois, le snowpark est situé à côté du télésiège Babalou sur le Mont Avila, juste devant le chalet principal. Le nouveau terrain offre quelques avantages, le premier étant un profil plus doux, rendant le parc un peu plus accessible aux skieurs et planchistes débutants en ski acrobatiq
  11. At the end of the day on June 8th it seemed certain conditions would still be great on the 9th especially with the anticipated high of 30C! I spent much of the day relaxing before heading up to the mountain for late afternoon. This time, I figured I'd just stay on the top section and practice slide turns on what was left of the 70 Ouest top. It was a perfectly beautiful day to take a leisurely hike up the top of La Plagne while enjoying the bright sun and surrounding forest. I spent up until the sun began to sink practicing turns, and took some snaps, and headed home for dinner in the city.
  12. A la fin de la journée du 8 juin, il semblait que certaines conditions seraient encore bonnes le 9 juin, surtout avec le maximum prévu de 30C ! J'ai passé une bonne partie de la journée à me détendre avant de monter à la montagne en fin d'après-midi. Cette fois-ci, je me suis dit que je resterais sur la partie supérieure et que je m'entraînerais à faire des virages sur ce qui restait du sommet du 70 Ouest. C'était une très belle journée pour monter tranquillement au sommet de La Plagne tout en profitant du soleil et de la forêt environnante. J'ai passé jusqu'à ce que le soleil commence à s'enf
  13. After skiing down the 70 Ouest the night of the 6th, I was pretty sure all our hopes and dreams for a June 8th opening alongside the waterpark opening were dashed: The top pitch of the 70 Ouest had a narrow path remaining between the only break in the trail, and half the bottom pitch was missing entirely, having sadly melted away. To my absolute delight, one of the first posts I saw on my phone that morning was a video posted by the Sommet Saint-Sauveur of their fearless groomer polishing up the trail - as it turns out they had a secret stash of snow, just enough to anticipate opening from 10A
  14. Après avoir descendu le 70 Ouest à ski la nuit du 6, j'étais presque sûr que tous nos espoirs et nos rêves d'une ouverture le 8 juin à côté de l'ouverture du parc aquatique étaient détruits : Dans la partie supérieure du 70 Ouest, il restait un chemin étroit entre la seule échapée de la piste, et la moitié de la partie inférieure était complètement manquante, ayant malheureusement fondu. Pour mon plus grand plaisir, l'un des premiers messages que j'ai vu sur mon téléphone ce matin-là était une vidéo affichée par le Sommet Saint-Sauveur de leur intrépide dameuse en train de nettoyer la piste -
  15. Following the June 2 "last chair in Quebec" party, I did a couple of hikes to take advantage of the still unbroken trail. On June 6th, I arrived a bit on the later side so instead of hiking up and skiing down, my strategy was to park at the top of the road running along side of La Plagne and hike in to the top of the 70 Ouest, and then take a taxi back to the car from the bottom (typically less than $10). I hiked into the L'Etoile chair to the tune of frogs and crickets (see clip below) and enjoyed a frosty beverage while watching the sunset and moonrise, and then got ready to ski down. O
  16. À la suite de la fête de la "dernière chaise au Québec" du 2 juin, j'ai fait quelques randonnées pour profiter du piste encore complètement enneigée. Le 6 juin, je suis arrivé un peu plus tard, donc au lieu de monter et de descendre à pied, ma stratégie était de me garer en haut de la route qui longeait La Plagne et de marcher jusqu'au sommet de la 70 Ouest, puis de prendre un taxi pour retourner à la voiture par le bas (généralement moins de 10 $). J'ai marché sur la chaise L'Etoile au son des grenouilles et des grillons (voir le clip ci-dessous) et j'ai dégusté une boisson glacée en reg
  17. Hiking season has begun! As Saint-Sauveur's lift serviced operations came to a close on Sunday afternoon, I had grand confidence that the hush-hush whisperings of a surprise June 8th opening would materialize. Never before in recent years had the 70 Ouest and Nordique (top) been open together for the final day of the season. Surely the base would hold another week and maybe even several! To my surprise, I arrived late this afternoon to the mountain to see that most of the bottom of 70 Ouest was just gone! There had been a few patchy spots on Sunday, sure, but it seemed to me the base was much
  18. La saison de la randonnée a commencé ! Alors que les opérations de remontées mécaniques de Saint-Sauveur touchaient à leur fin dimanche après-midi, j'étais convaincu que les chuchotements secrets d'une ouverture surprise le 8 juin se concrétiseraient. Jamais auparavant au cours des dernières années, les 70 Ouest et Nordique (en haut) n'avaient été ouverts ensemble pour la dernière journée de la saison. Sûrement la base tiendrait encore une semaine et peut-être même plusieurs ! À ma grande surprise, je suis arrivé en fin d'après-midi à la montagne pour constater que la majeure partie du bas du
  19. The forecast was originally +16 and full sun, but of course things shift. I worried as I drove up that the sprinkles of rain would mean they'd close early, but I was pleased to arrive in the parking lot around 2:30 to one of the busiest afternoons I've seen in about a month! I fact it is the first day in about as long that I had to wait in a line to get on the lift. As everything near the Atomic lift had melted, lift service was via Etoile. I always enjoy the lazy spring rides on the Etoile to the sound of melting water underneath. Conditions were both slush bumps and ice, take your pick, scra
  20. Pour clôturer la saison 2018-19, un voyage au Sommet St-Sauveur s'imposait aujourd'hui. Quittant Sherbrooke à 6h du matin avec un ciel couvert, j'ai roulé dans un peu de neige près du Mont Orford et il y avait de la poudreuse sur le sol. Nous n'avons pas eu les meilleurs week-ends dans les cantons dernièrement, et les 4 montagnes principaux sont maintenant fermés. C'était un trajet en douceur à travers la ville et nous sommes arrivés à la montagne un peu avant 8:30 pour un ciel couvert et une température de +4 degrés. Le démontage de l'Atomic Express est en cours car toutes les chaises sont ma
  21. SURPRISE!! It's unexpected powder day! I woke up far too early this morning and saw some fat flakes falling but kind of assumed it was just a tease. The snow continued falling and picked up in intensity. So much so that my partner called me from the office just to tell me how much it was snowing!! I had returned my (compact SUV: snow driving appropriate) rental car the previous night, and was kicking myself for not having checked the weather. Just before noon, I sprang into action and booked myself a compact at the shop down the street, and off I went. I should mention, because renting i
  22. On the second day in January 2019 I went back in time, to review the abundance of photos from our NYE experience at Sommet St-Sauveur! The mountain was offering an NYE dinner at 7pm with limited availability on the second floor of the T-bar, I actually missed out on the opportunity for the $109 per person tickets for that back in November, but then again, I'd rather be skiing at that hour anyways. I called in advance to find out that the first floor of the T-bar was business as usual for skiers, riders, and guests, only with a limited menu and much less seating than usual. The forecast wa
  23. After the previous evening's festivities, it took me a bit of effort to rally, but I finally talked myself into braving the dropping temps to head up to Saint-Sauveur, which would make up for my annual skipping of the Coney Island polar bear dip. Our day started with a 5pm brunch of mimosas, bacon, and eggs benedict (back story: Scott made a delicious ham and it is incredible on eggs benny!). After brunch I managed to locate all the items I'd shed the night before and a pair of dry mittens and headed up to the mountain. I arrived just after 8:30pm and while it was still busy enough that there
  24. Well it has been some time since my last trip report! This is owing to having dropped my phone and cracked the screen, so it's not as easy to take photos when the snow is falling, risking the phone getting wet! I've actually been to Sommet Saint-Sauveur a few times a week since last month, and had the pleasure of seeing the openings of Nordique, 70 Est, Cote 68, Devaleuse and finally Jay over the last several weeks.The mountain now has 13 runs open during the day and 12 at night, with three chair running during peak hours, along with the magic carpet on the beginner slope. There have been seve
  25. This micro trip report is brought to you by a lack of sleep the previous night. Made it to the hill at 3:15 but I didn't read the fine print, closing was at 4pm! Just enough time for a few good runs on this snowy day with 20 cm of freshly fallen sticky powder. This is the first time so far that we had to wait in a line to get on the chair, there were a ton of people out. And while Nordique and the Rockstar park (top) were roped off, it wasn't stopping people from dipping under the line, with many fresh tracks covering the runs - definitely for rock skis. After the lift closed we headed over to
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