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Found 1 result

  1. Here's a fun topic, your wishlist for improvements to ski areas that you would like to see happen. I'll start! Mont Cascades - New summit chalet and the additional new ski slopes on the other sides of the mountain that they have been teasing for 5-8 years time now. Although a new and improved main chalet at the base would likely come much sooner due to the fire this past summer. Calabogie Peaks - Detachable high speed lift to replace the slow fixed grips, at the very least on the Lakeview quad. Camp Fortune - Detachable lift on Skyline and Meech and more trails in this sectors (the current lift takes nearly 10 minutes to ride up). The lift is more likely than new trails, only for the simple fact of the NCC seemingly not wanting the ski area to expand much further. Edelweiss - More improvements to the chalet and some more trails to the right of the Shotgun trail (old trails maps from long ago had this as additional trails with another lift). Lift not necessary though. And a new detachable chairlift for when the Edelbahn Express needs to be replaced. Although based on how they replaced the seldomly used double chair to the right with a Poma quad and it serves the same as the Edelbahn, they may be thinking of just using that as the main lift if ever the Edelbahn gets retired and removed, which I hope won't be the case. So hoping very much for a new detachable lift to take its place when the time comes. Could be in the next 5 or so years as the Edelbahn dates to 1987. Mont Ste Marie - Better link from Vanier to Cheval Blanc. Currently it is a flat trail or a short ride on the little tram tractor wagon. Would be nice if there was a lift of some sort to cross over more easily. Incidentally, on old trail maps from the 1990s, it shows a Poma lift that did exactly this route from Vanier to near Cheval Blanc. Overall, a better trail connection in the actual mountain would be even better. Ski Vorlage - There was talk a few years ago of replacing the North Slope T-bar with a double chairlift and opening the slope underneath as a new ski trail. Would be really neat if this does come to pass at some point in the future. Would also love to see a top to bottom beginner trail off of the blue chairlift, perhaps to the right of Cote-des-Neiges.
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