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  1. Well we didn't quite get the snowmageddon that was hyped but the skiing at Camp Fortune was great regardless. 10cms of wet snow had fallen over night and it would snow heavy all morning bringing the total to close to 25cms by midday. The drive was not great as highway 5 was like a cart track but it was worth the trek. With temperatures around zero the fresh snow was heavy but you can't complain. I managed to get fresh lines for a few runs on Heggtveit and Craigsmarc before moving to Meech and getting the first run after the Ski Patrol on the La Cache glade. After several powder filled runs
  2. Tremblant got 17cms last night after the rain changed over to snow.
  3. What a difference a couple weeks and a couple big snow falls make. Mont Ste Marie was in peak "Winter Wonderland" mode on Sunday. Over 10cms had fallen overnight and the snow would come down heavy the rest of the day. The 1200ft vertical mountain was 100% open including all the glades. The drive up was a little greasy and we got stuck behind a fleet of plows up oh boy was it worth it. The steeps were deep and the glades were fresh. What else can I say we got soaked and our legs were burned but we stayed till last chair. Get it while its good!
  4. 17cms of blower came in sideways Saturday night. The result was fantastic skiing Sunday at Camp Fortune. We managed to dig out and make it to the Skyline before 9am. Camp Fortune had groomed on Saturday night so there was nice layer of light powder on top a firm base. Conditions of course were excellent. Smooth and smeary. After a bunch of runs on Skyline we skated over to the valley and then hit the runs on Meech at 10ish. The new glade was open off Paradis called La Cache Sous-Bois. The glade runs from the right side of Paradis down and under the lift exiting on North America. The run
  5. Wow what a killer weekend at Mont Tremblant! I drove up late Friday to meet some buddies from Toronto who had a hotel room a few minutes from the resort. Our expectations were not high as it was early season and there was the 24hr relay race on the south side. Tremblant brought the goods though. They had just gotten 10cms and on Saturday they opened up "Le Edge" for the first time this season as well as the runs off the Expo Express Quad. We had powder skiing on December 6th! along with 49 open runs on Saturday and 53 on Sunday. The temperatures were hovering around -15c in the morning and
  6. Well I had an airmiles ticket for Tremblant burning in my pocket and figured Friday would be the day. The weather was looking a little suspect but while it rained in Ottawa, Tremblant got 15cms over night. Heading out in the morning it was raining pretty hard but just after the turn off north on highway 323 it turned to snow and would snow for the rest of the day. We arrived just past 9 after a easy drive. What luck 15cms of semi-dense powder, no lines, no wind and temperatures around zero! We did some north side trails before hitting the Edge for its 9:30 opening. Conditions were amazin
  7. Wow bonus powder day. I went up to Fortune right after work and it was snowing a little. By 4pm though it was a white out and would snow heavy for over three hours dropping 10cms. Every run was refreshed. We may be at peak snow pack. This may have been my best night ski in a long while. Conditions we perfect, everything was open and zero crowds. Hero snow, enough said. You better have googles. Hegg was open till 7pm Tree paths/runs between Sparks and Bud Clark Top of Heggtveit This may have been a mistake. C
  8. Welcome to the white room. 35cms of fresh light powder had fallen over night and it was still snowing when we arrived at Mont Ste Marie. Only a single run was groomed everything else was left as virgin powder. Total nirvana. The temperatures were mild at around -5c and hardly anyone had made the hour drive up from Ottawa. In fact the lifts started a little late because there was so much snow to shovel out from the entrances and exits of the quads. The new glades are killer and add so much to the terrain. Deep Purple and Vertigo fall through a steep pine forest before exiting at the bottom
  9. Happy New Year! and 2019 comes in with a roar. While Ottawa got a mix of snow (maybe 4cms), freezing rain and rain Camp Fortune got about 10-15cms! Anyway the best way to kill a hangover is to ski. I arrived around 9:30 with my sister in tow and almost got stuck in the Skyline parking lot which had not been plowed. The place was a bit of a ghost town. The temperature was a little below zero with some wind. The conditions were perfect with the new wet snow gluing to the hard pack which made for a great base for carving fast. The ice was gone and we even ducked into some gladed areas which ha
  10. Boom! I woke to 15cm and it was still coming down hard. Yes it was cold (-20c) but when it snows its a good day. I managed to make it up to Fortune around 10am. Late maybe but I was hungover and got stuck behind a fleet of snow plows. There was still lots of powder to go around. First stop was Heggtveit. After some fun on Skyline including Swan Dive I went over to the valley. The T-bar was running so I gave McDonald and Alexander a try. If you wanted pristine powder in the valley, then those were the runs. By noon we had topped 20cm! The wind was a little fierce and lots of snow was dri
  11. We rolled into Mont Ste Marie just before 10 after a long drive that included being stuck behind plows, big trucks and driving in a white out. Well the drive was worth it. MSM with 1200ft vertical across two mountains was 100% open. The resort had about 10cms of fresh light powder and snow would continue to fall on and off all day. In the morning the snow fell heavy and it was rather windy. So windy that the Cheval Blanc quad was restricted to two a chair. This caused a pretty long line up but by noon the wind died down and we were back to normal. The conditions were pretty much perfect wi
  12. A storm rolled in Monday night. I was night skiing at Camp Fortune and it hit hard around 8pm. By Tuesday morning, Tremblant was saying it had 17cm of fresh on the mountain. We hit the road taking the 2 hour drive northeast. With over 2000ft vertical Tremblant is a leg burner when your used to smaller resorts in the Ottawa area. Today would be a killer. Loads of fresh lines, warm temperatures (-3c) and no crowds. In fact you could ski onto most lifts. We parked at Soleil then double backed to the gondola. Our first run from the top was C.B.C and the new Taiga tree run. After that we moved
  13. Looks like we may get a powder filled weekend. Mont Ste Marie, Camp Fortune and Tremblant will be open this weekend and maybe Mont Chilly. Weather forecast for Mont Ste Marie
  14. With a good 10cms of fresh snow on the ground and steady snow falling, we decided a trip to Calabogie Peaks was in order. I usually get up there at least once a season but every time I’ve gone it’s been firm hardpack conditions and a little icy. Today was the opposite. Soft groomers, stashes of powder, glade action and lots a nice off trail features. For the first time we could play in the Lake Glades which had lots of nice natural features to jump off. Exhibition was also totally skiable and filled with untracked powder. In fact, if you were willing to go a little off the main trails lo
  15. Well after yelling “Give me back my winter” for three weeks we are rewarded. 10cm of fresh snow with more to come over night and into Friday. Winter is back and Camp Fotune is skiing fine! I arrived at Skyline just past 5pm. The trees were covered in new fallen snow, everything felt fresh, light snow was falling, it was a winter wonderland. Conditions were great with a nice soft groomed base and fresh snow on top. I took a couple runs on Hegg before it got dark then took in the rest of Skyline before crossing over to the valley to grab a bite to eat. The custom made burritos are pretty g
  16. More snow, so I had to ski. Went for a quick 4 hour mission with my sister to Fortune. With the new RFID system you can load 4 hours or a full day from home and skip any ticket line. The new gates also show you how long you have until your hours run out. We arrived at Skyline around 8:30 just as the lifts started. 10cm had dropped already and the snow would continue for the rest of the day. We blasted down Heggtveit for the first few runs then moved across the hill. The new snow made the conditions great for the first couple hours before the soft snow got pushed around a bunch. Hiding
  17. Wow. Lets see 20cm of fresh light snow, warm temperatures and Cheval Blanc was left ungroomed. I think this may have been one of the best days at MSM ever. I arrived right at the opening, took in the Vanier side for a few runs, then trained over to Cheval when it opened at 9:30. Then I skied beautiful powder for a good 3hours, had lunch and skied another hour or so. By about 11 most of the powder was chop but since it was so light you could just steam roll over it. People should remember on big snow days not to turn to much! save the snow. Dustin Cook was the favorite. The steeps of Formi
  18. Thank Ullr we have snow again! After a drought of several weeks we finally got the good stuff. The snow started light and fine in the Ottawa area around 1:30 but by 3 it was coming down heavy. I made it to Fortune around 4ish and there was already close to 10cm on the ground. The skiing was great! light champagne over the hard pack making for great turns. The place was pretty quiet and the wind was minimal with a temperature of around - 15c. Word of warning, don't leave you ski boots in the car all day! Man they were hard to get on. Never again. All the main night skiing trails were open. I
  19. Powder Day = Sick Day. My first plan was to drive up to Mont Ste-Marie for an epic day. Take note Mont Ste-Marie advertised on their website that they didn't groom all the runs, leaving the snow free. More hills should do this! whats with all the grooming on a epic powder day. Anyway by the time I dug out of my driveway and got out of Ottawa it was already 8:30 and I needed to be back in town by 2. So Camp Fortune it was. Made it to Skyline by 8:45, got first chair. Though most runs had been groomed there was lots of fresh powder was on top, in fact the snow was picking up and it would sno
  20. Nothing like night skiing in a blizzard! Wow was it windy at the top of Skyline but the skiing was great. I arrived around 7pm and we had about 6cm of fresh snow on top of hard pack. Just enough snow to the crust. I stuck to Skyline and I have to say I have never seen Bud, Canadian and the Chute so well groomed. Not a single bump or mogul anywhere so smooth and flat. This must be because of the Ontario Provincial U14 races this Wednesday and Thursday. Anyway the skiing was wicked and I'm glad we got that storm, this morning Camp Fortune is saying close to 20cm fell and its still snowing. I
  21. With spring like conditions and lots of snow you would have thought I'd be out on the ski hills this weekend. Well I wanted to go to Mont Chilly but got stuck in town. This was kinda a good thing after looking at the webcams at Camp fortune and Mont Ste-Marie, it was crazy busy up there. Instead I checked out Carlington Hill and discovered Alpine skiing, back country skiing and powder filled glades in downtown Ottawa! The Carlington Hill is a water reservoir but it was also a mini ski hill with a t-bar from 1965-1990. Some t-bar pillars and pulleys can be seen in the photos. The hill used t
  22. Just got home from a fantastic morning at Camp Fortune. About 30cms dropped over Sunday afternoon into the night resulting in some beauty powder for Monday morning. I grabbed my fatties and made it to the hill for almost first chair. Heggtveit, The Chute and Duffy were left un-groomed for the powder hounds. Craigsmarc and Swan Dive were busy with "free riders" including Craig himself. Got in a bunch of runs on Heggtveit and the Chute before they became chopfest. The snow was light though so even the fresh made moguls were easy enough. Went over to the Valley later, it was a ghost town, but
  23. What a day. What a season. There really hasn't been a low point all winter. Today the ski conditions were once again amazing. Being a Sunday, I would have expected a lot more people to be present, but since it's the SuperBowl tonight... well that's still no excuse. In any case, I won't complain. Short line ups at the lifts and first tracks on several trails well past lunch. The weather was also perfect, not too cold, and a steady snowfall lasting into the afternoon, kept the slopes in top shape. All the trails are open, except for Shotgun. From the steeps of Strief (or as I call it,
  24. Well its the new year and I headed back to Camp Fortune with my sister and nephew. I was up night skiing on Dec. 29th after 10cms of snow and now I'm back after 15cms yesterday!. The conditions of course were great, fresh corduroy made with packed powder in the valley and no lines. We were lucky enough to get first tracks on Paradis and North America which opened for the first time this year. I didn't get a chance this time to hit Skyline which still only has Bud Clark, Sparks and Lower Canadian open. Not sure what the delay is with opening up everything considering all the snow but Fortune
  25. Well on a snowy Christmas Eve I drove up to Camp Fortune to get first tracks. The snow was coming down pretty hard and almost 10cm of fresh were on the ground. I brought my fat skis figuring they would work great in heavy wet snow. Skyline was open for the first time this year with Sparks, Bud Clark, and Lower Canadian open. I started in the valley as I needed to pick up my night pass, then got the first chair on the Pineault lift and headed down to Skyline. The conditions were perfect. This would be one of the best days skiing at Fortune since that 50cm snow storm last year. No lineups no c
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