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Found 9 results

  1. I got in a quick morning ski at Mont Cascades which is about 20mins from downtown Ottawa on the east side of the Gatineau River. The weather was perfect with a high around zero and the sun coming out around 10am. All the main trails were perfectly groomed with soft snow under your skis. Fun Run, Crazy Creek, Detour and the Facade were left natural with loose snow and moguls. Cascades was busy, its a top to bottom park trail with jumps, rails and a twisty ski cross like section. Exhibition had race training on it but there was still space to blast down the middle under the old triple chair
  2. With another beautiful weekend filled with bluebird skies upon us, we decided to answer the call of the mountain and return to Mont Cascades for some more snowshoeing adventure. On this visit, we started our trek through the mountain from the World Cup side, versus the main chalet side. The trails from both ends link up once you reach the summit. The trails on this side start by passing in front of the World Cup chalet. Here you will find a large trail map flanked with snowshoes (reminiscent of those we used to use in elementary school). We choose trail #8, which is class
  3. Another perfect day for spring skiing, today at Mont Cascades. The weather was once again cool but without the strong winds from yesterday. I arrived ready to hit the slopes at 11am and already the snow had begun to soften. Nearly all trails were open with a few exceptions (Gratton and two of the cross-over trails between the East Quad and the main side). It honestly felt more like skiing in the winter than the spring. Standout trails this visit were Hogan (which I chose to enjoy over and over), as well as Alouette and Interlude. With no lines at the lifts, it was refreshing to
  4. It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Mont Cascades. After several days that brought some fresh snow, the trails were all covered nicely with fresh powder and a soft but firm base. The trails at Mont Cascades are suitable for all skill levels and difficulties and are free to access. There is a parking lot located right at the trail entrance. Almost all trails lead you to the summit via the backside of the mountain. The #5 trail is the most direct route but is the steepest to travel. For today's visit, we took a combination of the #2-3 trails, and then the #4 trail to the summit
  5. Some more retro action. A brochure from 1973 promoting ski resorts in the Outaouais.
  6. My first night out skiing of the season. The past few years, it always seems to take place at Mont Cascades. Why not, the mountain is fun, the ambiance is great, and the trails really come alive for me at night. The past week again saw some more mild weather and rain, and this time it did have some effect on the mountains, although nothing major. The skiing is still great, although the snow is now softer and more forgiving. It definitely feels closer to spring skiing than it was two weeks prior. I started on the World Cup side of the mountain. Here the terrain is th
  7. After a week of serious snowfall, 51cm in Ottawa, you can be sure that ski conditions were going to be among the best you will ever find. So this Friday night, I set out after work to meet up with René and Sam to ski the snowy slopes of Mont Cascades. All the trails of the mountain were open, minus Hogan and Gratton (which are not lit for night skiing). The weather was not as cold as it has been the past few weeks making it easy to enjoy the snow without freezing. However, ice pellets were falling on and off throughout the evening. This in no way reduced the enjoyment of the evening
  8. New Year's Day on the Slopes of Mont-Cascades. What's better than starting the year off on the slopes? Nothing really! Having the day off, and our favorite place open on January 1st was a no brainer for us. We left home and got on location at Mont-Cascades right on opening hour. Got our season pass in 5 minutes and off we went! Only the main trail was open, and was getting crowded more and more as the morning progressed. At last, at noon sharp, the new quad chairlift opened. The reason that we still got our season pass at Mont-Cascades was finally available for
  9. Skiing at Mont Cascades has improved dramatically over the last few days thanks to the first major storm, and cooler temperatures which have allowed the snow guns to run around the clock. Cascades seems to be taking advantage of the cooler weather with snow guns running throughout the day today on Promenade and a number of other runs. Skiing is still limited mainly to Promenade, although they have been able to widen it up in places. I skied most of the day and found the conditions and snow to be in good shape throughout the day despite the heavy traffic from the racing club, Nancy green p
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