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Found 4 results

  1. Sunday and the last day of March Break in Quebec. The time change was painful but the mountain was perfect with all 102 trails open. Temperatures in the morning were around -3c and by the afternoon +3c. Bonus, zero wind. We rolled in around 8:30am and stayed till last chair. The day was that good with perfect groomers or moguls and trees galore. The crazy thing is we though it would be super busy, we were wrong. Most lines were less then a couple minutes. Maybe all the March break holiday people left on Saturday? Anyway the snow was soft enough to hit the trees without fear and everything just felt right. Get up here as the next couple weeks maybe a melt down. On the edge of Expo Haute Tension mogulfest Top of Le Edge Me somewhere The Taiga glade is vast. Wow
  2. With such killer weather and conditions I had to keep skiing, so a quick jaunt to Camp Fortune was in order. Being a little sore from a powderfest yesterday I didn't roll into the parking lot at Skyline till 10am. The sun was out and the place didn't look busy at all. The trails still had a lot of perfectly groomed corduroy. I think Camp Fortune does some of the best grooming in Quebec, I just wish they would keep a couple more runs natural. Anyway the conditions were fantastic, the snow was soft but not wet at all and having some sun was nice after a rather gloomy 2018. After almost 36cms of fresh now in the week the conditions are now mid-winter and Fortune should be well setup to get us into the middle of April. Get out people this could be the best skiing of the season. Skyline on March break The Skyline Chalet and Sparks Craigsmarc Top of Heggtveit Chute Au Naturel Sous-bois Nothing like skiing on mountain bike trails!
  3. With a good 10cms of fresh snow on the ground and steady snow falling, we decided a trip to Calabogie Peaks was in order. I usually get up there at least once a season but every time I’ve gone it’s been firm hardpack conditions and a little icy. Today was the opposite. Soft groomers, stashes of powder, glade action and lots a nice off trail features. For the first time we could play in the Lake Glades which had lots of nice natural features to jump off. Exhibition was also totally skiable and filled with untracked powder. In fact, if you were willing to go a little off the main trails lots of stashes could be had. The temperature was around -1c, it was a little windy near the top and the snow would fall heavy all day. Free refills and no lift lines. One bonus of the slow quads is no one is ever on the hill with you. My one beef with the hill though is the painful flats you have to pole across at the top of the Lakeview Quad. Also, the main upper entrance to the glades involves some skating. The best runs of the day were Exhibition, Face of the Tiger, Finnegan and Whistling Paddy. With so much snow most of the other runs were rather slow as they just didn’t have the pitch. Today was great and I plan to return whenever there is loads of snow. Ski on! At the top, lake below. Nice stump jump! Lake Glades Face of Tiger with lots of fresh. When in Calabogie. Great snow day.
  4. Well I think the last time I was at Mont Cascades was like in grade 9! So with a few hours to spare on Saturday morning I decided to check it out. Having totally forgotten the lay out I parked at the first lot. I arrived around 9:30 and overnight we had gotten a light dusting of wet snow, maybe 2cms. Anyway I went into the chalet to get my lift ticket. The girl at the small concession stand informed me that they don’t sell tickets here and I would have to drive over to the main lot. No thanks my ski boots were already on so I just got on the lift. I took the old triple to the top and skied over to the other side to buy a three hour ticket. The conditions were decent considering the terrible weather we have had for almost three weeks. All the groomed runs were well covered and the bit of fresh stuff helped a lot. I skied pretty much everything that was open sticking mostly to the steeper side with Competition, Exhibition and the blue run Hogan that runs and twists through the woods on the far side. The place was pretty quiet with almost no lines and the new east quad is quick. Not a bad little resort but maybe a tad tame for my liking. Ski on! Nice view of the Gatineau river and Camp Fortune in the distance. Kinda weird going up the lift with water slides all around you. A bit of fresh stuff under your skis. I like Competition. Entering Hogan
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