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Found 9 results

  1. Well this weekend was almost a mirror of last weekend. Ottawa got mostly rain while the hills north of Gatineau got mostly snow. Camp Fortune got only 5cms but Mont Ste Marie got 25cms over two days! On Sunday, I made it as far Edelweiss as the roads were not great. They got 10cms of fresh snow overnight with only a couple trails groomed in the morning. I arrived at 9 to find out there would be a delay on the start. The high-speed quad could not run because of ice build up on the wires. They were trying to get the Streif quad going. I guess they hadn’t run the Streif in a few days
  2. What an amazing day out on the slopes at Sommet Edelweiss this Christmas Eve. 7 trails were open, which included Easy Street, Chemin des Bois, Rockstar SnoPrk and Zoomer, as well as the Edelbahn Express quad detachable. After reading yesterday's report from Gordo, I knew that despite the rain, the conditions were very good, but it still didn't completely prepare me for the reality. Phenomenal ski conditions were the special of the day. No ice anywhere, and perfectly groomed slopes. There was a light snowfall in the morning so the trails had a fresh dusting of snow on top. Add to this some
  3. I arrived at about 4:15pm, to a nearly empty parking lot, and no lift lines. The previous night had iced up a bit in the evening, I figured an afternoon of + temps would mellow things out a bit, and I wasn't disappointed! Only the Edelbahn lift was running, and Poma, West Coat and Shotgun were closed by the time I arrived. Conditions are slick early spring but still pretty thin cover following last week's incredibly disappointing rain. I skied every run that was open, for about two hours, until dusk (unfortunately having to leave early tonight). By the time I left there was a "line" at the lif
  4. Got up to Edelweiss for some night skiing just before 3pm. The sun was out, it was about -2c and the place was packed. The parking lot was pretty much full and the lineup for tickets was slow. For some reason on one of the busiest weekends of the ski season they only had one ticket booth open. Anyway I finally traded in my online ticket for a real one and got on the lift. Night skiing tickets on Sunday that are bought 24hrs in advance online are only $20. All three quads were running. The high speed quad was the only lift with a line so I jumped on the slow Strief quad so I could ski the n
  5. It was a Friday night and there's nothing better than leaving the office with a stop at the mountain to start the weekend on the right ski. Destination was Sommet Edelweiss. Offering the highest vertical drop for night skiing in the region, all the trails except two (Easter Bowl and Descente Telesiege) were open. A decent amount of people were present but the lineup at the Edelbahn Express, the only lift open aside from the Magic Carpet, was non-existant the entire night. Just ski up and go. Conditions were quite good, full snow coverage, firm base with little to no ice a
  6. Some more retro action. A brochure from 1973 promoting ski resorts in the Outaouais.
  7. Here are some sleepy pics of Edelweiss and Vorlage. and Vorlage:
  8. What a day. What a season. There really hasn't been a low point all winter. Today the ski conditions were once again amazing. Being a Sunday, I would have expected a lot more people to be present, but since it's the SuperBowl tonight... well that's still no excuse. In any case, I won't complain. Short line ups at the lifts and first tracks on several trails well past lunch. The weather was also perfect, not too cold, and a steady snowfall lasting into the afternoon, kept the slopes in top shape. All the trails are open, except for Shotgun. From the steeps of Strief (or as I call it,
  9. Edelweiss was the creation of Andy Tommy, also known as one of the owners of the Tommy and Lefebvre ski and sports stores. The mountain was a racer's haven for many years. In the end of the 90s, Edelweiss went through tough financial times and was sold to Mont Saint-Sauveur International in the year 2000. Over the past 15 years, MSSI have invested money into all sorts of projects, to improve and update Edelweiss. From adding two additional quad chairlifts, high performance snowmaking and a snow tubing park, the mountain is constantly evolving. The following are photos showing the thr
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