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  1. I feel we may see openings and closures depending on regional caseload. I am hopeful that Quebec will stay open, but that could change if things get worse after the holidays.
  2. Northeast Skiology has been following along the guidance across North America and has done a wonderful commentary on this which I suggest reading, and, you can check out the State guidelines here: https://accd.vermont.gov/sites/accdnew/files/documents/Vermont Ski Resort COVID-19 Winter Operations Guidance - 2020-11-03.pdf?fbclid=IwAR1hJ9nnLcFNboZ5DtP1qsjc1I5qR9NNCZzbFoEybOUiNMpHqGRYi8hn7oM As summarised by Skiology Matt, the key points are: Requires all customers to attest to their compliance with travel restrictions. Ski areas must collect and maintain information fo
  3. @Après Skier thanks! I'll be honest I kinda slacked on costuming this year and just threw on a onesie, had I planned a bit better, I would have made a Lady in the Lake (Bly Manor) costume! I have a long history of winning costume contests
  4. @Paul I don't actually know the Ski Octopus (and now am wondering if I should look for a skier in an octopus onesie?!), so I'm not totally clear on whether the intention of their post was to grumble about the line or to scare people out of going so that the lift lines remain shorter for us! My approach to highlighting issues would be to reach out to the resort directly and confirm they will work on the issue, before calling them out in social media however.
  5. @Shane well, Killington as a member of POWDR Corp. followed along with the corporate strategy and intentionally planned to open later than usual, which was announced sometime last month. Typically on opening day, only the K-1 Gondola is operating, and you have to hike down from the Peak Lodge to access Rime and Reason. At the end of the day you upload from the Northern Triple (which has been replaced this year with a quad), and then hike back up to download from the K-1 Gondola. This year, that could make a potentially uncomfortable situation for social distancing since the gondola will only u
  6. Skison 2020 got its official start on Friday, October 30, 2020 with Sommet Saint-Sauveur's soft launch opening, and while I was not quick enough on the draw to participate, I was all set for Day 2 which delightfully fell on Hallowe'en! As always, Sommet Saint-Sauveur is the first to open in the East, even beating out "longest season in the East" rival Killington this year. As it happens, the state of Vermont has delayed releasing its ski resort opening guidance as covid-19 cases in Vermont have recently seen an uptick, and Killington has tentatively scheduled November 19 for opening. My
  7. Thanks guys - working on my trip report right now! Because of my costume I did not take a whole ton of photos, but certainly enough to give a sense of how it went
  8. @Paul you scooped me on this, I just finished reading it all through in the French version! I am going on Saturday and will definitely report back!
  9. @Gordo I wonder these things as well. For the lift line perhaps they will assign someone at the start of the line to manage people instead of right before the groups of two, four and singles merge. Since this year there should really only be two lines, one for same-households, and one for singles (or four lines if you have lift access from both sides of the lift). Double layer neck warmers, I'm still trying to understand what that means. Is it a gaiter with two layers? Or is it two separate gaiters?
  10. @Shane I am assuming the logging of visitors will be taken care of by pass scans and that everyone else will give their info at the day ticket window. This is really one hell of an undertaking for those mountains who aren't on a RFID card system yet...
  11. Depends on the weather. Bromont has longer runs but the peak can be pretty windy. St-Sauveur is a bit more protected from wind. Both have good terrain, I think Bromont has some more challenging terrain than St-Sauveur however.
  12. hahahaha is that what they are promoting! lol Manoir beds are comfy - can confirm! It is actually Bromont that has the world`s largest nightskiing with 7 versants and skiing til 2am every second weekend at Nuit Blanche (unclear if they will do that this year). St-Sau is great though and in close proximity to Montreal. The hot tub at Manoir closes at 9 and skiing at 10 so you can`t do both on the same day unfortunately. I do wish they`d consider opening the nordik spa later at night!
  13. oh, also Val St-Come has night skiing til midnight every few weeks and is another great spot!
  14. @Après Skier rather than prepare an inflexible itinerary, I would suggest watching the weather for the timing of your trip and then travelling to the best spots....for instance if there is snow in Charlevoix start there instead of Tremblant. You could also potentially fly into Burlington VT and rent a car there, and then start or end your trip at Jay Peak (or Stowe, Smuggs, MRG, Burke, or others). This also makes the Eastern Townships an easy start or end point since it's basically on the way to VT. Lodging recommendations between Montreal and Tremblantt: Cap Tremblant - about a te
  15. Alterra has added Red Mountain to its Icon community for the coming season! https://www.alterramtnco.com/news/2020/09/01/red-mountain-in-british-columbia-joins-the-ikon-pass-community-for-the-20-21
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