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  1. @Ocean I totally agree with your approach, reach out to the resort directly, be diplomatic about it, and don't call them out on it. My goal is to have a great time skiing, taking tons of photos, and while having a beverage, write about the great day I just had to share with everyone. 🙂
  2. Awesome report @Ocean ! Glad to see you had a decent time. Love the pics. My season will start a bit later. I was expecting the lines to be longer for obvious reasons, but whoever blogged that negativity is truly closed minded to the whole situation, and if they didn't like it, well then..........I'll just leave it at that. If you have a negative experience during your visit or part of your experience, there's a diplomatic way to express it........or don't write about it. Don't be an....................... My wish for the team, our readers, and everyone is to have a great a safe season. I
  3. @Ocean since I can't head up there yet, I was hoping that you'd be going to get this season started for us. Of course we expect photos! Lol. I just bought my pass at Orford, so I'll probably have a later start than usual. I would have gone but work ran a little interference. Plus no pass. 😞
  4. We finally have some news on the directives from the ASSQ, the Quebec Association of Ski Areas in Quebec for the upcoming 2020-21 season. We had all been anticipating this for sometime, and now it is available via the link below for details. It is mostly what we were expecting as most, if not all Quebec ski areas were publishing their safety guidelines prior to the formal announcement. We have been given the Green light to go ahead with the season! Please read the guidelines thoroughly to better understand the protocols are to prevent any unpleasant surprises. https://maneige.ski/en/saiso
  5. Just released in the past couple of days was information on the operating schedule for the Sommets Group of mountains, for St-Sauveur/Avila, Gabriel, Olympia, Morin Heights, and Edelweiss. All mountains with the exception of of St-Sauveur/Avila will be operating at a reduced schedule for the 2020-21 season Here is the schedule as follows: Sommet St-Sauveur/Avila - Open 7 days a week, and 7 nights. Sommet Olympia - Open from December (every weekend and 7/7 during the holiday season). From January 11, 2021, open 5 days from Wednesday to Sunday, as well as Friday and Saturday nights.
  6. @Après Skier, one of my go to places is Sommet St-Sauveur. With St-Sauveur, you also get Versant Avila. Mont Avila used to be a separate area altogether, and now has been incorporated into Sauveur. Olympia is another in the Sommets family of ski areas. You have a group of hills in the Sauveur area like Mont Habitant, Sommet Olympia, Sommet Gabriel, Chanteclerc, Sommet Morin Heights. All worth checking out, depending on your travel schedule. Further up the Autoroute en route to Tremblant you have Belle Neige, Vallée Bleue, and Mont Blanc. Each mountain has its own charm. Sutton is very uni
  7. Welcome aboard Après Skier, thank you for your interest in SlopeEdge! All four of the areas in the Eastern Townships are great choices to ski. If you are into ski glades, Mont Sutton would be the place to go. If you are looking for steeps, Orford has a great variety. Looking for some nice cruiser trails, Owl's Head is the one. If you are looking for a full on resort, hotel, ski package deal, Bromont has that. I would consider Bromont as the mini "Tremblant" of the Townships where you have everything very close by. The largest mountain in terms of vertical is Orford, and for trail count, i
  8. Today I received an email from the maneige group in regards to the upcoming season for the Ski Passe-Partout discount card offered in Quebec. This year with the Covid-19 pandemic being present, and with the measures being put into place for he upcoming season, the Passé-Partout program will not be issued with a plastic card like in years past. It will be distributed virtually with a bar code that you may present on your smartphone, or by printing it. This will be for all maneige's line of products this season. in addition to this, maneige will be launching an online store to pre-purchase
  9. Here are some photos taken last weekend at Gray Rocks. There were two sides of the mountain, a side facing Lac Ouimet, and Mont Tremblant, and another a little beyond where the Labelle Golf Course is located on the opposite side. Gray Rocks Resort is located about 10 minutes away from Mont Tremblant on Lac Ouimet. Gray Rocks closed in 2009. The lifts have been removed and there is very little left behind. The Quad chair is now at Bromont combined with another identical model Poma Quad that was located at another defunct ski area, Mont Joye. Both quads were combined together to form one l
  10. I would be so there if it wasn't for this pandemic. Probably won't be able to get there until 2021-22.
  11. I haven't heard anything from the ET areas, but I would imagine it would be the same in regards to the online reservation of tickets and limits like everyone else. I would imagine that passholders would be given priority and what remaining availability would be for daily riders. It surely will be an interesting season to come. I will miss not going to anywhere south of the border. Last season I missed out on it and should have gone. I wanted to head down and cover Saddleback's reopening this coming season, more Tenney and Magic Mountain. I had considered getting the Indy Pass but that wil
  12. Well............here is some news from New England Ski Industry's site that I found moments ago concerning Liftopia. It's apparent that they are facing bankruptcy. This is the first story that I have found concerning this so I would imagine there is more to come later. https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=842
  13. Speaking of Bromont, I was in the area today just driving around, and getting out of the house. Didn't go right up to the mountain but got some shots.
  14. The old quad at Smokey has been taken down to make way for the new Gondola. Here is a photo from their Facebook page.
  15. @Ocean, all is well here. Week unknown of working from home.......lost count! Lol. The commute is tough. Still late for work! I see Killington has finally thrown in the towel, and will not be reopening. Wouldn't have been a good idea as they draw a lot of clientele from the East Coast and would have been utter chaos had they opened the Superstar with lift. How could you have controlled that crowd safely with the appropriate distancing requirements. Magic is apparently moving ahead with the completion of their new quad for it to be ready of next season. They have come up with a brill
  16. News from Cape Smokey. They have just announced the signing with Leitner-Poma to start construction on Atlantic Canada's first gondola. This new gondola will replace the old quad chair that had not been operational for a number of years. This will open up the upper section of the mountain that was once served by the quad. The Poma lift will still be around to service the lower section of the mountain. Here is the link to Cape Smokey's Facebook page for the announcement.
  17. Hey @Ocean all is good here.......got gas for the BBQ so all is well. Working from home is okay but the novelty is wearing off pretty quickly though. Lucky to still be working. Hope @Shane and @Gordo are doing fine. What a way to end the season! 3 months earlier than last year. At least I have new spot to go to in Vallee du Parc. only got 7 ski days in this year.......really subpar for me. Didn't get to any of the areas I wanted to. Next season, is going to be quite interesting. I don't foresee any US trips. Saddleback was going to be a target, as was Magic Mountain. Unless some miracle happen
  18. Things are progressing up at Saddleback. ME this week as they are dismantling the old Rangley Double to make way for the new high speed quad chair, as you can see in the cool video that they had posted on the Facebook page.
  19. @Ocean @Shane and @Gordo, All is okay for me, started a new job just before this mess really broke out, and now all set up working from home now. It's been a bit stressing getting trained remotely, but the extra sleep in time certainly helps out. It's been a total.......well I'll keep it clean here, mess. Sherbrooke seems to be the hotspot now in the Townships, and no plans on heading out. Heck I don't even have gas for the BBQ! Got caught on that one, should have filled up when it ran out last fall! Stay safe everyone!
  20. Just minutes ago, Mount Norquay - Banff has just announced on their Facebook page they are suspending operations. Now the closures are starting out West. Mont Farlagne in Edmunston, NB has also posted their closure as well today, along with Sugarloaf Provincial Park in Atholville, NB. Marble Mountain, NL is now also closed. So friends this is the end of the season as we know it!
  21. As of today March 16th, Nova Scotia ski areas are now closing. Cape Smokey, Ski Ben Eoin, Ski Martock, and Wentworth have announced their closures for the season.
  22. Quebec is not the only Province to close their ski areas. Even though there is only one area in PEI, the Mark Arendz Provincial Ski Park at Brookvale has announced that their season has come to and end as a result of the COVID-19 virus. Just a matter of time before all the other Maritime ski areas close as well?
  23. Here is a Global list of closed resorts for reference. This list will most likely to expand soon enough. https://snowbrains.com/list-of-all-ski-resorts-closed-due-to-coronavirus/ Update: You can add Magic Mountain, VT and Mad River Glen, VT to the list.
  24. Here is is an update of area closings South of the Border as per the New England Ski Industry's website as detailed in the below link for reference. This list is just the beginning. https://www.newenglandskiindustry.com/viewstory.php?storyid=828
  25. Burke Mountain, VT has just posted that they will be closing for the season effective March 14, 2020. Details here by following the link. http://skiburke.com/message
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