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  1. The news from Mont Orford today was the announcement of the replacement of the aging Alfred Desrochers double chairlift with a new Dopplemayr fixed grip quad chair with loading carpet. With this investment of about $4,5 million, it will increase the loading capacity of about 60%. With the installation of this new quad chair, it will relieve the Giroux North quad of traffic as there are some beginner trails to be found on the Alfred Desrochers face, and to improve the circulation of skiers. The lift is scheduled to be ready for the 2021-22 season, and is supposed to operate during the week. The
  2. That's great news to hear. The mountain owners were getting quite anxious about the topic of whether or not they were going to be allowed to reopen at all for the reminder of the season. Doesn't make up for the loss in revenues, but at least they can get going again. Happy to see them getting the green light.
  3. Well my Day 2 of this extraordinary ski season is in the books. An outing to Mont Orford today was absolutely needed as it had been over a month since the last time I had gone out. I had arrived at the mountain at 8:15, and the parking lot was already starting to fill up. The temperature was a nice mild -5 degrees under a mostly cloudy sky however. Booting up at the car is nothing new for me as I often do this at most hills I go to. The chalet on four wheels! Once booted up, masked up, and dressed it was time to head off to start the morning of skiing. 25 of 44 trails announced as open with 3
  4. For me, I am just thankful that the season wasn't put on hold like it had been in Ontario. I'm going to take it a step at a time, and keep it between Orford and Mont Bellevue, if I can score a ticket online at Bellevue. I have a pass at Orford so at least I can ski somewhere. Let's see how this latest lockdown plays out, if and when it's over, I have a couple of places I'd like to check out if it's in the cards for late February, early March. I must say though that my hands have consumed more alcohol that I have recently. Stay safe my friends!
  5. @Ocean great to see that you got out for some turns! By the looks of the photos you pretty much had the place to yourself, after seeing some pics of the line ups earlier in the day. Conditions still looked decent too. I was going to head out on the 31st to Orford however that didn't work out. Too lazy when I got up. For the SQ to be there, one would assume that they are there to support the employees in enforcing the safety protocols, and making sure everyone is following them and being safe. Nice après ski snack! Cheers for 2021!
  6. @Ocean Good question. I was expecting more people when I got there. At the beginning there was a longer line at The Hybride to start the day than there was at the Giroux North Quad. Then by later that morning it balanced out. The longest I waited was maybe 5 minutes. The line crew did a great job of directing traffic and keeping the line moving. There was no wait at the Rapido triple. There were people riding the Rapido, and if it wasn't spinning and you added those people to the other two lifts, it probably would have been a bit more crowded in line. With the amount of terrain available
  7. Well my 2020-21 ski season has begun....finally! The weather recently in the Townships has not been the best, and upcoming weather reports aren't any better. So off to Mont Orford this morning for a few early season laps. I arrived at the mountain at 8:15, and it was already getting mild with a temperature of +2 degrees, and skies were partly cloudy to start. With the new Covid protocols in place, we are required to dress, and boot up at the car. Access to the chalet is limited for 15 minute breaks. Masks to be worn in the lift line, chalet, and on the lifts. Outside on the terrace there were
  8. Glad to see you got out! The line up looks a bit long but that is because of the distancing. How long was the wait? I haven't been out yet and hope to before the rain hits Thursday late day. We haven't had much luck at all in the Townships with weather or snow. Just hope the snow gets here soon.
  9. From my understanding they did consult with the Ontario government about the process, and obviously it didn't work. They got shut down anyway. My concern is that since ski areas in Ontario are to be closed, I wonder if there will be anyone crossing the border from Eastern Ontario into Quebec to get their skiing fix, especially in the Gatineau and the Laurentians since it is not a horribly long drive to get there. This could potentially mess it up for us if they do?
  10. I stand corrected! I just saw an announcement from Sir Sam's and the lockdown is for 28 days! Apologies for the confusion! This is going to hurt all around.
  11. I see that Ontario is going into hardcore lockdown as of Boxing Day (?) for a couple of weeks which includes the closure of ski areas. I spotted announcements from Mount Antoine, and Laurentian Ski Club that they will be closing for this lockdown period. Very sad to see an interruption of the ski season especially at this time of year. So far Quebec is okay as outdoor activities are allowed. I haven't been out yet but hoping to before the weekend if the weather is somewhat decent.
  12. @Ocean I totally agree with your approach, reach out to the resort directly, be diplomatic about it, and don't call them out on it. My goal is to have a great time skiing, taking tons of photos, and while having a beverage, write about the great day I just had to share with everyone. 🙂
  13. Awesome report @Ocean ! Glad to see you had a decent time. Love the pics. My season will start a bit later. I was expecting the lines to be longer for obvious reasons, but whoever blogged that negativity is truly closed minded to the whole situation, and if they didn't like it, well then..........I'll just leave it at that. If you have a negative experience during your visit or part of your experience, there's a diplomatic way to express it........or don't write about it. Don't be an....................... My wish for the team, our readers, and everyone is to have a great a safe season. I
  14. @Ocean since I can't head up there yet, I was hoping that you'd be going to get this season started for us. Of course we expect photos! Lol. I just bought my pass at Orford, so I'll probably have a later start than usual. I would have gone but work ran a little interference. Plus no pass. 😞
  15. We finally have some news on the directives from the ASSQ, the Quebec Association of Ski Areas in Quebec for the upcoming 2020-21 season. We had all been anticipating this for sometime, and now it is available via the link below for details. It is mostly what we were expecting as most, if not all Quebec ski areas were publishing their safety guidelines prior to the formal announcement. We have been given the Green light to go ahead with the season! Please read the guidelines thoroughly to better understand the protocols are to prevent any unpleasant surprises. https://maneige.ski/en/saiso
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