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  1. There seems to be ramblings that the Ontario ski resorts will remain closed until atleast Feb 11 (or later, I can't recall the date i saw). I can't seem to find more details but it seems like the closure for skiing is being extended. Very bad news for their operation. While safety is paramount, it will definitely affect these businesses and as we have seen elsewhere, could force some to close permanently. Those that do survive could see their plans for improvements slowed, delayed or cancelled. Very unfortunate, but the COVID situation is not under control so action needs to be taken. Sad
  2. Hallmark Channel made a movie called Two for the Win. Interestingly enough, it was partially shot at Calabogie Peaks, Mount Pakenham and Camp Fortune. Kunstadt Sports also supplied a lot of the outerwear and hardgoods for filming. Might be worth checking out. Here is a Behind the Scenes look, with a lot of locations I'm sure you will recognize.
  3. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/quebec-headed-for-full-lockdown-curfews-beginning-saturday-report It appears as though Quebec is realizing that the pandemic is out of control, and will ramp up slightly their response, with curfews at night starting this coming Saturday. The headline says Quebec is headed for full lock-down but it is not clear what that means at this point other than the nightly curfews. The announcement is rumoured to be tomorrow on the new measures.
  4. Amazing report Paul. I love your second to last picture. That trail is amazing. The last time I went a few years ago it really impressed me with the views and how it funnels the skiers as you go further down that section. Happy to see both the Hybride and Triple were running. Great shots! Looks like people were spacing themselves respectfully and the slopes do not appear too crowded. Such a beautiful mountain. Glad you made it out and shared your time with us.
  5. The gondola deal is a bit odd. You are sitting close, practically facing each other (not side to side or back to back) with some distance, not to mention the enclosed space. i read on Bromont that 6-pack chairs can now take 3 people (up from 2)
  6. Great report @Gordo. The conditions look quite good but hopefully some natural snow hits and stays so we have a traditional White Christmas. I saw as well on their facebook that they are switching or about to switch to 2 people per quad chair and continue with 1 person per triple (if not from the same family), so that should definitely help as they are all quads other than the triple. This should help especially as it gets busier. It seems like in Ontario all the mountains will be closing after Christmas Eve until late January, which is unfortunate. So far Quebec is still good to go
  7. The Laurentian region has now moved to RED Status for COVID-19. As a result, one person or one household per lift (except gondolas, in which 2 people from separate homes can ride together). This seemed to be a region that was relatively spared until now. Let's hope the situation does not worsen further. With the holidays and New Year's just around the corner, there is great reason for concern. Let's hope people follow public health guidelines and act responsibly.
  8. Interestingly, they so far do not anticipate limiting access to season pass holders only. No doubt due to the location and distance away from the city so it isn't seen as a tourist and high flow location like the more local ski areas in Gatineau.
  9. They anticipate having 2 trails and 2 lifts open. This will include Pineault and Marshall offering a bit of a spread of skiers rather than all in one place.
  10. A very precarious situation we are all finding ourselves in. The last season ended so abruptly. I remember seeing the news the day Quebec ordered ski mountains to close at 4pm. I did say to myself, leaves me 3 hours to go ski (which is likely the only chance left for the season). Short notice and wanting to play it safe I missed out. For this season, I am not sure what I will do just yet. I have a family now and while I don't think it is too risky, I don't want to take the chance for myself or my family so I may end up sitting out the season, or go once or so on the least busy day and mou
  11. Great report @Ocean. Glad to see that people are being responsible. The plan for this season sounds promising but always requires the support of those who visit. Let's hope things hold so that the season can be enjoyed safely and for as long as possible. I too had read some lowsy reports of how the lines were ridiculously long. As you mention, that doesn't help the situation but it is good to hear that despite the line visually being long it moves fast and organized. I saw on Facebook that the mountain will reopen on Wednesday for skiing. In the past when they do this, its to maximiz
  12. Can't believe it's already open. Great news and we shall quickly see how people respond to the new reality and rules that must be followed. Hoping for a good season. Lots of ski mountains are run on really tight budgets and another rough season could be disasterous for many. This early opening by Sommet Saint-Sauveur is just what the Quebec ski industry needs to get hype and attention and support for the season to come. Eager to see your report @Ocean. Hope you have fun!
  13. This is fantastic news to see. It was long overdue to know what would be happening but now people can know what to expect and that the season will indeed go ahead. I do appreciate that they will be logging all visitors to the mountain each day. Let's hope that things don't end prematurely like last season, and that people do follow the new guidelines and rules to keep everyone safe. Safety is paramount and is the priority over the actual skiing at a time like this. The full release and details can be found here: https://www.slopeedge.net/content/2020-2021-season-quebec-ski-resor
  14. I should add that Mont Sainte Anne has what is likely the highest vertical for night skiing in the world. The night ski terrain isn’t massive but it makes up for it by offering top to bottom runs over approx 2000ft vertical. Bromont is about 1200ft on the main side and the others can go as low as 500 ish. Saint-Sauveur is around 650 all over.
  15. Hi @Après Skier. I would say a car or a ride is required to get around but if you stay at one of the larger destinations like Sunshine Village or Lake Louise, they have on mountain lodging so once you are there you would be all set. Norquay while a nice mountain is the closest to the Banff Village but is smaller than the other two I referenced above, and I don't believe there is on mountain lodging there or whatnot (I could be wrong). There is also Sun Peaks which is quite large. Lots of great choices, but to really enjoy the region, you would be better having a car or a rental. If y
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