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  1. Looks like most camping and back country canoeing in parks is a go for June 5th in Quebec. The Verendrye Reserve will open then as well as the regional park at Lac Poisson Blanc. Ontario has extended their closures of camping and backcountry till June 14th though.
  2. Hey all @Ocean @Shane @Paul I'm holding out here in Ottawa. Working from home currently. It was a bummer to loose the spring skiing season! If fact Fortune still has enough of base to ski on. I'm starting to worry about next season now. I'm a little angry at Quebec closing it borders to people from Ontario as we own property in Quebec that we can't access. I get the idea to keep cottagers from using the stores in Quebec and maybe spreading the virus etc... but its going to have long term ramifications much like the referendum in the 90's did. Anyway take care everyone and stay safe.
  3. Kinda crazy. Why wouldn’t they just say the hill is open for touring while everything else is closed.
  4. St. Louis Moonstone is closing today. I think the ski season is done.
  5. @Shane Calabogie Peaks may still be open Monday if your feeling adventurous.
  6. Well I think the Quebec Government is about to shut everything down. https://postmedia.us.janrainsso.com/static/server.html?origin=https%3A%2F%2Fmontrealgazette.com%2Fnews%2Fquebec%2Fcovid-19-quebec-orders-bars-and-theatres-to-close-restaurants-to-limit-customers
  7. @Shane that includes the biggest resort in North America, Whistler Blackcomb. Fortune was pretty quiet for a Saturday but I never went over to the valley. Ski lessons were still going.
  8. Well Camp Fortune is still open and the spring conditions are great.
  9. Here’s more info about why Jay Peak is closing. Mainly because of Canadians have restricted access.
  10. @Paul I think winter is going to make a come back next week. Don't count the season over let. The virus factor is still a worry though.
  11. Camp Fortune has cancelled the Apres Ski party in the bar on Saturday: ATTENTION: 1920-2020: Celebrating 100 yrs All outdoor activities planned for our 100th celebration on Saturday are going ahead as planned. The après-ski concert in the bar featuring Mackenzie Rhythm Section has been cancelled.
  12. All seems a little crazy to me. Skiers are pretty covered up and outside! What about movie theatres? they are still open.
  13. Sunday and the last day of March Break in Quebec. The time change was painful but the mountain was perfect with all 102 trails open. Temperatures in the morning were around -3c and by the afternoon +3c. Bonus, zero wind. We rolled in around 8:30am and stayed till last chair. The day was that good with perfect groomers or moguls and trees galore. The crazy thing is we though it would be super busy, we were wrong. Most lines were less then a couple minutes. Maybe all the March break holiday people left on Saturday? Anyway the snow was soft enough to hit the trees without fear and everything just felt right. Get up here as the next couple weeks maybe a melt down. On the edge of Expo Haute Tension mogulfest Top of Le Edge Me somewhere The Taiga glade is vast. Wow
  14. Looks like a great day @Paul, Did you hit any of the glades?
  15. @Ocean I’m thinking Mount Titus or Mont Chilly Saturday.
  16. @Ocean soft yes, not so much fluffy as the snow was pretty heavy. In Ottawa around 4pm the temps dropped big time so all that wet snow crusted up fast. As it was still snowing that snow became much lighter hence the dust on crust.
  17. Well we didn't quite get the snowmageddon that was hyped but the skiing at Camp Fortune was great regardless. 10cms of wet snow had fallen over night and it would snow heavy all morning bringing the total to close to 25cms by midday. The drive was not great as highway 5 was like a cart track but it was worth the trek. With temperatures around zero the fresh snow was heavy but you can't complain. I managed to get fresh lines for a few runs on Heggtveit and Craigsmarc before moving to Meech and getting the first run after the Ski Patrol on the La Cache glade. After several powder filled runs on the Meech side I moved to the valley. The valley was quiet with the trick park closed off as well as Allen's Ally for a race. Slalom and Duffy had loads of fresh snow though. Back on Skyline things were clumping up fast but my legs were pretty much done by noon anyway. On a sad note just after lunch Fortune had to close because of power issues. Yesterday they were closed for a few hours in the morning because of a power outage. Hydro may be cheap in Quebec but it sure its isn't reliable. Craigsmarc was a winter wonderland of fresh lines. First tracks on La Cache Slalom was so smeary Top of Duffy Skyline at noon. Lots of space for all.
  18. 25cms of Hot POW at Camp Fortune.
  19. @Ocean Wednesday into Thursday could be a big one, like the biggest of the season. Fingers crossed. If it’s over 20cm I think i’ll take Thursday off.
  20. @Ocean Camp Fortune only got a little over 5cms. I went last night though and the skiing was great. Nice smeary snow and warm temperatures.
  21. @Shane the new glade on Meech is excellent, it may be my favorite run of the resort. The run is rated black with a good pitch after the flat entry. The run is pretty wide and the trees are well spaced with many line options, some steeper then others.
  22. @Ocean I'll be at Fortune Thursday night, maybe Mont Chilly Saturday.
  23. Here's a cool archival film that Camp Fortune found at Library and Archives Canada. Skiing around Ottawa in 1926. Seems so civilized that people would take the train to the ski hill.
  24. 15cms just dropped at Camp Fortune, MSM and the Gatineau area overnight.
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