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  2. Mont Cascades posted this statement on their Facebook Page late this afternoon. ---- MESSAGE CONCERNANT L’INCENDIE DU CHALET PRINCIPAL SURVENU LE DIMANCHE 1er AOÛT L’incendie qui a touché le chalet principal du Mont Cascades s’est déclaré aux alentours de 7h30 dimanche matin. Heureusement, personne n’a été blessé. Pour ce qui est du bâtiment, il a officiellement été déclaré comme perte totale. Selon Marc Sattleker, chef des incendies à la ville de Cantley, tout porte à croire que l’incendie n’est pas d’origine criminelle. À l’heure actuelle, le scénario considéré est celui d’une
  3. Very sad development and turn for this mountain. Definitely the nicest chalet in the region. Very rustic and authentic. The media is reporting the chalet was destroyed with only the stone chimney and the steel structure remaining. They are closed today and tomorrow and will provide an update in the near future. Good memories there. We went by today. The chalet is indeed a total loss sadly. As the media reported, only the chimney still stands from the stone fireplace, although severely damaged. The damage extends out to the ticket windows on the entrance side and the whole thing is r
  4. This doesn't look so good! https://ottawacitizen.com/news/local-news/mont-cascades-closed-due-to-fire-at-main-chalet
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  6. This is great news. While I never skied this part of the mountain, historically it seemed to have a limited opening each season. With the recent snow making addition, and this new lift, I can see how they will be able to operate it throughout the year. Great news for beginners and intermediates. How does the terrain here compare to Mont Giroux Paul? Great pics. Fantastic news! The first real news for the coming season. Eager to see what else the coming winter has in store for the other mountains in Quebec.
  7. The news from Mont Orford today was the announcement of the replacement of the aging Alfred Desrochers double chairlift with a new Dopplemayr fixed grip quad chair with loading carpet. With this investment of about $4,5 million, it will increase the loading capacity of about 60%. With the installation of this new quad chair, it will relieve the Giroux North quad of traffic as there are some beginner trails to be found on the Alfred Desrochers face, and to improve the circulation of skiers. The lift is scheduled to be ready for the 2021-22 season, and is supposed to operate during the week. The
  8. Hi Ocean & Gordo, How do you like Racoon le Grizzly 99? It seems like it would be a great choice for my relaxed upper-intermediate style of west coast skiing. The only review I could find is this linked user review posted on Skipass. I also watched this linked interview with the company’s founder…. it seems like a great ski from a great company. I’m very interested in the 172cm Grizzly.
  9. Journalist Alex Muffon presents a thought provoking video on his YouTube channel concerning abandoned ski resorts: the reasons for their demise, the impact on the environment and surrounding community, as well as possibilities for future use.
  10. Blue Mountain in Collingwood Ontario did something special for their final day (Friday). Skiing until Midnight, served by the Silver Bullet chairlift. Likely the final day of night skiing for this season, at the one of the unlikeliest of places to be doing it so late. Well done!
  11. Calabogie have announced that today was their last day, as the Ontario shutdown comes into effect tomorrow. The Ontario Ski Areas association is now saying that all Ontario ski areas will close after today. So at the time I am posting, the ski season in Ottawa-Gatineau region has officially come to an end with Calabogie offering one final day under the sun. Ski areas elsewhere in Quebec are still operating however after this long weekend, the list should drop to a dozen or less.
  12. There is some discussion as to whether the nonessential order closes the remaining ski resorts or not. So far no confirmation, they are assuming they can operate as planned. I mean golf is staying open so....
  13. Mont Cascades called it Finished and Over. Calabogie Peaks is the last mountain standing in the region this year. Based on the base area webcam views, it looks to be quite decent and nicely covered the slopes.
  14. @Shane MSM just called it too. Calabogie may be the last hill standing.
  15. I’m eager to see what Mont Ste Marie does. Last year when they all closed they were the only one to say that they were taking exceptional measures to stay open, only later on to say they would be closing after all. If nothing changes drastically, Caabogie could be the last to close in the region this year if they manage to open.
  16. Camp Fortune just called it. The season is over because of the upgrade to red zone in the Gatineau area.
  17. Sommet Saint-Sauveur will begin in the next few weeks the construction of a new building for the members' lockers, the repair shop as well as the demo center of the Sommet Saint-Sauveur's Boutique. Demolition work on the existing building, which is located next to the Sommet Express lift, will begin on April 12, 2021. The new building will replace the old Customer Service building, where it is now located the 'Repair workshop. The new building will house the following services: Member's lockers Repair workshop Demo center Regarding the new members' lockers, these wil
  18. Whistler is dunzo for the season. The Province closed them at such short notice, many employees found out from their clients while teaching on the mountain. The CEO apparently had minutes notice prior to the Province's press conference. BC ordered them closed for three weeks, and Vail has apparently decided they will not reopen for the rest of the season, to focus on summer operations. Covid imported from non-essential travel (i.e. people from other geographic regions) is cited as the reason for the closure as Whistler (the village, not the community of employees) is experiencing a notable out
  19. Indeed. A real shame. Amazing it still stands yet it has been completely ruined. There are a few videos online of "kids" or "urban explorers" venturing inside by jumping the fence and what is shown is pretty bad. Graffiti, smashed walls, smashed windows, smashed elevators and lights, smashed....... Clearly someone still owns the land/property or I would expect it to have come down. Hopefully one day it does and makes way for a larger facility. The new one proposed above is a great start but hopefully it leads to more in the future. Be sure to take some Gravol if you watch the video.
  20. Indeed. Pakenham, Edelweiss, Vorlage and Chilly are closed for the season. No word yet on M’ont Cascades though.
  21. @Shane Cool! MSM did have a hotel decades ago. You can still see it when you go up the lift on the Cheval side. Totally rundown now and falling apart.
  22. @Shane MSM, Calabogie and Camp Fortune will be open for skiing over Easter. Mont Chilly has closed for the season.
  23. Since I posted earlier, Sommet Edelweiss has announced their season has come to an end. Interestingly, Mont Ste Marie says Closed until Sunday, however they are calling for 10-15mm 90% of rain....
  24. The recent warm and mild weather, combined with the current rainfall is surely going to being an early end to many ski areas in Quebec and Ontario. Already several have announced the end of season on their mountain. -Mount Pakenham -Val St-Come -Ski Saint Bruno Sadly, others will likely follow. Camp Fortune in the Outaouais is closed today and this weekend with a possible reopening for Easter weekend, weather permitting. The list will no doubt evolve quickly over the coming couple days.
  25. Haha I know but it sure does feel long. Definitely plays a factor in the small number that go, otherwise I could see it being much much busier.
  26. The Sainte Marie Hills is a $4.5M project that will have shovels hit the ground in April with an aggressive timeline to open by next Spring. It will be located on the land directly behind the main lodge, making it ski-in/ski-out. An après ski lounge and restaurant, private work and meeting spaces, rooftop patio with hot tubs, and more. It will be 15 studio units for short to medium stays, and a couple of two-bedroom rental apartments. https://obj.ca/article/real-estate/non-residential/45m-development-add-short-term-rentals-remote-workspaces-mont This is a very exciting developme
  27. It's not even a far drive, really, just it's a small mountain. We drive about the same distance to tremblant, no?
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