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  2. There seems to be ramblings that the Ontario ski resorts will remain closed until atleast Feb 11 (or later, I can't recall the date i saw). I can't seem to find more details but it seems like the closure for skiing is being extended. Very bad news for their operation. While safety is paramount, it will definitely affect these businesses and as we have seen elsewhere, could force some to close permanently. Those that do survive could see their plans for improvements slowed, delayed or cancelled. Very unfortunate, but the COVID situation is not under control so action needs to be taken. Sad
  3. Hallmark Channel made a movie called Two for the Win. Interestingly enough, it was partially shot at Calabogie Peaks, Mount Pakenham and Camp Fortune. Kunstadt Sports also supplied a lot of the outerwear and hardgoods for filming. Might be worth checking out. Here is a Behind the Scenes look, with a lot of locations I'm sure you will recognize.
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  5. @Paul over here, we bought a beautiful mangowood bar several years back, we call it The Gatling (or, Le Gatling to conform to language laws here, lol). I'll post a pic later. We always keep it full of our staples, but our gin and rum collection has gotten a bit out of hand. I try to keep shopping trips limited so find myself coming out of the SAQ with boxes of various wine, spirits, and especially sake (there is an entire sake section in our bar fridge - we both order out and make a lot of our own izakaya recipes). For Scott's birthday in April I got a infused gin making kit and we have bottle
  6. For me, I am just thankful that the season wasn't put on hold like it had been in Ontario. I'm going to take it a step at a time, and keep it between Orford and Mont Bellevue, if I can score a ticket online at Bellevue. I have a pass at Orford so at least I can ski somewhere. Let's see how this latest lockdown plays out, if and when it's over, I have a couple of places I'd like to check out if it's in the cards for late February, early March. I must say though that my hands have consumed more alcohol that I have recently. Stay safe my friends!
  7. @Gordo I'll be at Edelweiss for the last hour of the day tonight, possibly a bit earlier. Need to help my dad move a heavy object upstairs in advance of his back surgery! I am also picking up my x-country skis just in case of anymore unexpected changes.
  8. @Ocean @Shane Night skiing at Camp Fortune from Jan. 9th till Feb. 8th now ends at 7pm https://campfortune.com/en/hours/
  9. @Ocean I was night skiing last night at Fortune. It was busy. For people in Ottawa its pretty easy to get home by 8pm if leaving even at 7:30 from the hill. That said they may opt to just cancel night skiing altogether. Real bummer. Also lots of people are cross country ski in Gatineau park at night, not sure will happen with that.
  10. HOORAY! From today's announcement, it sounds like skiing will be allowed to continue, however team/race activities will no longer be permitted (and lessons are already not permitted in red zones). Aside from the ridiculous new curfew which will, for one thing, make my local grocery store that typically closes by 11PM a lot more rammed full of people due to reduced hours, not much is changing in this lockdown. Curbside delivery is allowed again (which means more people back at retail and warehousing work), manufacturing and schools remain open - both are an important source of infections.
  11. @Shane @Gordo yeah I plan to spend the next four days whooshing my days away. I need to make a quick trip to Ottawa to help my dad move a heavy object upstairs (cause he's having back surgery in a week, corona permitting, and no chance I'd let him move it himself!). Plan is to stop at Mont Rigaud on the way there or back, and also pick up my x-country skis so at least I can do some slow whooshing in park Mont-Royal. I haven't decided yet if the headline is draconian or not. A small edit appeared to note that "essential" businesses would be allowed to operate, currently ski operations are
  12. Just read that too. Not good. I better get my skiing in this week, as this season may be done.
  13. https://montrealgazette.com/news/local-news/quebec-headed-for-full-lockdown-curfews-beginning-saturday-report It appears as though Quebec is realizing that the pandemic is out of control, and will ramp up slightly their response, with curfews at night starting this coming Saturday. The headline says Quebec is headed for full lock-down but it is not clear what that means at this point other than the nightly curfews. The announcement is rumoured to be tomorrow on the new measures.
  14. Cheers to you to @Paul! I also slacked on Dec 31st, we had just arrived back home with the cats and spent most of the day unpacking and relaxing before diving into our multi-hour fondue experience. I also got a few more turns in last night, the line was just slightly busier and conditions were even better! I just took it easy and stuck to Red Bird, but there was no ice to be found and just a few bumps, I'm sure the runs under the Flèche d'argent lift were a bit more rugged. Planning to head up tonight as well, for some runs sometime between 8-10pm. As many are returning to work tomorrow, I'm h
  15. @Ocean great to see that you got out for some turns! By the looks of the photos you pretty much had the place to yourself, after seeing some pics of the line ups earlier in the day. Conditions still looked decent too. I was going to head out on the 31st to Orford however that didn't work out. Too lazy when I got up. For the SQ to be there, one would assume that they are there to support the employees in enforcing the safety protocols, and making sure everyone is following them and being safe. Nice après ski snack! Cheers for 2021!
  16. Update: Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson has opinions. My opinion is that he needs to support the ski industry and work with the Gatineau mayor to acknowledge the NCR as one big city (much like GMA or GTA), and increase covid safety collaboration. Says Jim: "I think it's just good common sense. I recognize they wait a long time to use those new skies and get out on the ski hill, and they buy their ski pass so they have a lot invested, but obviously, if I was still skiing I would wait and hold off." umm yeah. That's not how that should work. https://ottawa.ctvnews.ca/ottawa-s-mayor-urges-skier
  17. Finally, 2021 has arrived! After having spent NYE enjoying a three course fondue and celebratory drinks, I spent most of the day relaxing at home with plans to catch the last few runs of the day. We enjoyed a late afternoon brunch (or perhaps it was more of a "linner") of mimosas, eggs benedict, bacon, fresh fruit and yogurt to get the evening started out right, and then I got ready to head to the mountain. I knew I'd only have time for a few short runs, which was fine by me after having spent December intentionally staying home as much as possible. I planned to ease gently into the new y
  18. Update: Ontario will be meeting with ski resort operators this week (today?) to discuss. Unclear what potential outcomes might be. I love how CBC delivers shade in the byline, calling out Ontario for being the only geography to close skiing. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/thunder-bay/ontario-alpine-ski-meeting-1.5856801
  19. @Gordo <extreme eyeroll>. It is silly to tell Ottawa people to not go to Gatineau when the whole region is basically one big city with two governing bodies. Like as if I'm not going to go for a twenty-five minute drive to Camp Fortune when I'm in Orleans, geez. Although I didn't today, due to the weather seeming a little unpleasant. I am not a proponent of the regional barriers (except when it comes to northern and remote communities) but if they expect people to not cross the provincial boundary to ski then they are kind of out to lunch with their thinking. The only guidance that w
  20. Great assessment @Paul - I'm interested in seeing how the flow shifts through the skison and how each resort's covid capacity looks when full!
  21. @Ocean Good question. I was expecting more people when I got there. At the beginning there was a longer line at The Hybride to start the day than there was at the Giroux North Quad. Then by later that morning it balanced out. The longest I waited was maybe 5 minutes. The line crew did a great job of directing traffic and keeping the line moving. There was no wait at the Rapido triple. There were people riding the Rapido, and if it wasn't spinning and you added those people to the other two lifts, it probably would have been a bit more crowded in line. With the amount of terrain available
  22. Looks like it was a perfect morning to break in the new season! It doesn't look *crazy* busy, would you say it was at covid capacity or still lots of room for more people? What is the approximate longest amount of time you had to wait in a lift line?
  23. Amazing report Paul. I love your second to last picture. That trail is amazing. The last time I went a few years ago it really impressed me with the views and how it funnels the skiers as you go further down that section. Happy to see both the Hybride and Triple were running. Great shots! Looks like people were spacing themselves respectfully and the slopes do not appear too crowded. Such a beautiful mountain. Glad you made it out and shared your time with us.
  24. Well my 2020-21 ski season has begun....finally! The weather recently in the Townships has not been the best, and upcoming weather reports aren't any better. So off to Mont Orford this morning for a few early season laps. I arrived at the mountain at 8:15, and it was already getting mild with a temperature of +2 degrees, and skies were partly cloudy to start. With the new Covid protocols in place, we are required to dress, and boot up at the car. Access to the chalet is limited for 15 minute breaks. Masks to be worn in the lift line, chalet, and on the lifts. Outside on the terrace there were
  25. Now Ontario is telling residents not to go to Quebec for skiing or recreational activities. Talk about mixed messages. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/ottawa/outdoor-activities-ontario-quebec-lockdown-1.5852815
  26. The gondola deal is a bit odd. You are sitting close, practically facing each other (not side to side or back to back) with some distance, not to mention the enclosed space. i read on Bromont that 6-pack chairs can now take 3 people (up from 2)
  27. oh, that's great that they are switching back to two per quad. It seems ridiculous to allow two unrelated people in an enclosed gondola but not on a quad. #science
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