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    • I haven't heard anything from the ET areas, but I would imagine it would be the same in regards to the online reservation of tickets and limits like everyone else. I would imagine that passholders would be given priority and what remaining availability would be for daily riders. It surely will be an interesting season to come. I will miss not going to anywhere south of the border. Last season I missed out on it and should have gone. I wanted to head down and cover Saddleback's reopening this coming season, more Tenney and Magic Mountain. I had considered getting the Indy Pass but that will have to wait until at least 2021-22. There are enough places on the Indy Pass that it would actually justify getting it even with the exchange. There are at least 7-8 places that I would have gone, and you figure daily ticket at each is easily $79USD each. A little interesting tidbit just learned on a travel insurance, not that it matters at the moment, Blue Cross Ontario and Quebec, and Medipac are offering travel insurance to cover Covid-19, however not on a pre-existing condition basis. You are not covered if you had previously been affected by Covid before travelling. Read the policy and be aware of exclusions, limitations, and benefits. The more you know, the better off you will be.
    • @Gordo well Jay Peak started an initiative to do longer term rentals for the work from home set and given that will be continuing for some time I'm sure it will draw people out of the cities who are able to WFH from anywhere. I am one of those people and would consider this same opportunity in Charlevoix however my partner occasionally might need to physically go to the office as he is the senior sys admin and on call every few weeks. Too bad as it would be pretty great to spend a few months living out there. I have not heard anything from MSS yet, their regular range of passes are on sale but I do wonder if quantity will be an issue. I was going to hold off til September to buy but maybe I'll just grab it in the next few weeks since I get the corporate rate regardless.  I also plan to take the opportunity to ski at other smaller mountains I haven't had the chance to visit yet and am excited about that prospect and do hope to finally spend a good few days in Charlevoix but we shall see...sadly even if the border opens there will be no VT for me. I'll miss our Killington trips but our risk assessment is too high to even consider. If this drags on and on I'm even considering paying one of my buddies to pack up my Reno storage unit and drive it to VT for me. We'll see about that in a year though. Too bad I left my only N95 filters in with all my burning man stuff :/
    • @Shane Camp Fortune has still said nothing about the next season or when people can buy season passes. I'm afraid if we get a really warm/low snow season doubled with these COVID regulations you will see some hills close for good.  Also Vermont hills must be really worried. If no Canadian's come or are even allowed to cross the border what will places like Jay Peak do? 
    • It's probably going to be the new reality, as sad as that is. But safety and health needs are at the forefront which they should be until this pandemic is over. The rough and sad part is how it affects businesses and families. Hopefully the abrupt season end and the coming winter don't do any permanent damage to our favorite mountains. I do give them credit for trying to make things work as best as possible to be open and offer people skiing.
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