Tenney Mountain, NH - February 23, 2019


I was long overdue for a road trip to somewhere, so a couple of weeks ago I had contacted an good ski buddy of mine to plan something out, and we had decided on visiting Tenney Mountain, NH. Today was the day. I had been mentioning to him on a few occasions that I had visited Tenney late last season, and that I was impressed with what had been done to re-open the mountain as it had been closed since 2010. A lot work had been done then just to get it up and running in a limited stage. Now it's 11 months later, and there is only one word to describe what we saw and skied today. WOW! That seemed to be the key word today. WOW! It was full on discovery mode. We left Sherbrooke at 6 am and arrived about two and a half hours later under a bright sunshine and some light clouds and a...

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Tenney Mountain, NH - March 25, 2018


With an opening in the schedule this weekend, and opportunity knocking at the door, I decided to answer the door and take off for the day to Tenney Mountain. This trip had been in the making for sometime now. Had I not gone, I would have to have waited until next season. Tenney Mountain had been closed since 2010 and has recently reopened, albeit it a limited phase for this year, made possible by the hard work of a group of individuals lovingly known as "Team Tenney" lead by Michael Bouchard. With the mountain being closed for roughly 8 years, a ton of work has been done just to get part of the mountain and the double chairlift known as the Hornet operating again. Trails had to be reclaimed from Mother Nature's growth and there are a lot more trails that still need work just to be skiable again. What was open today, and since early March, was...

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