My lifelong skiing adventure began at the age of 2 when my parents strapped a pair of plastic skis onto my winter boots. I clomped a very short distance of perhaps 25 feet on the old railway in the Laurentian mountains,  but my father said I was bound to become a passionate skier. Apparently, he was right! I began downhill skiing in the more "traditional" way a few years later, at the ever-picturesque Vallée Bleue, situated in Val-David, in the Laurentians. It was here, moving slowly down the winding trails surrounded by pine trees, that I learned basic techniques and developed a love for the sport. Nowadays, I enjoy skiing almost every weekend from November to April. Being outside, enjoying fresh snow, the thrill of carving down a nicely groomed trail or silently exploring a new glade: there is nothing I would rather do. I believe skiing is a great sport that helps pass the otherwise dreary winter months, and I anxiously await the arrival of winter every year!
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