Bromont, montagne d'expériences - March 5, 2018


It's the beginning of March Break in Quebec, the weather is warming up, and spring skiing has had an early start. Today's destination was Bromont, a place I really enjoy but had not visited in 5 years. The weather was mild, hovering around and above 0 degrees Celsius. Heading up from Ottawa, the 3-hour drive goes quickly thanks to the route being made up entirely of highways. The 'new' highway 30 that bypasses downtown Montreal is completely worth the $2.80 toll required to use it. Arriving at Bromont shortly before 11 am, the main parking is about half full, and the chalet has plenty of seats and tables free. After quickly getting ready, I headed out to start off on the classic Versant du Village, one of Bromont's 7 hillsides. The ride up the mountain's 385m of vertical goes quickly on the #4 chairlift, which is finishing its final year of...

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Snowboard Boot Selection

In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Mike Davey of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the many choices of snowboard boots available, as well as the process of selecting the proper boots for you.  We encourage you to also view the accompanying video on snowboard and binding selection by following the link below. Snowboard and Binding Selection Choosing the right type of Snowboard and Bindings can be difficult. With so many options it can be confusing to decide which snowboard will suit your needs. Follow experts Peter Kunstadt and Mike Davey of Kunstadt Sports as they guide you through the many types and styles of snowboards and bindings available today.

Snowboard and Binding Selection

Choosing the right type of snowboard and binding can be difficult. With so many options it can be confusing to decide which snowboard will suit your needs. Follow experts Peter Kunstadt and Mike Davey of Kunstadt Sports as they guide you through the many types and styles of snowboards and bindings available today. We encourage you to also view the accompanying video on snowboard boot selection by following the link below. Snowboard Boot Selection In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Mike Davey of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the many choices of snowboard boots available, as well as the process of selecting the proper boots for you. We encourage you to also view the accompanying video on snowboard and binding selection by following the link below. Snowboard and Binding Selection Choosing the right type of Snowboard and Bindings can be difficult. With so many options it can be confusing to decide which snowboard will suit your needs. Follow experts Peter Kunstadt a...

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Ski Demo Days

In this video, Peter Kunstadt of Kunstadt Sports will explain the benefits of Ski Demo Days at the ski mountains. A ski demo day is the perfect way to demo and compare new skis in action on the slopes before making a purchase. With everything constant, a proper comparison can be made, removing things like changing ski conditions and how you may ski differently from one day to the next.

Advanced Ski Boot Customization

In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Erik Dinardo of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the many possibilities of customization available to make your ski boots fit any foot perfectly. Whether you need more room in a particular spot, avoid pinching, fixing cold feet, or correcting for bow leg or knock knees, ski boot experts can greatly improve your comfort and performance on the slopes by making your boots fit even better.  How To Select the Right Ski Boots for you In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Krista Bellinger of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the many choices of ski boots available, as well as the process of selecting the proper ski boot for you. How To Properly Fit and Size Ski Boots In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Krista Bellinger of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process they use to fit a skier to a ski boot, thus ensuring comfort and maximum performance. How To Select the Right Ski Boots for you In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Krista Bellinge...

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Snowshoeing - Mont Cascades


It was a beautiful Sunday morning at Mont Cascades. After several days that brought some fresh snow, the trails were all covered nicely with fresh powder and a soft but firm base. The trails at Mont Cascades are suitable for all skill levels and difficulties and are free to access. There is a parking lot located right at the trail entrance. Almost all trails lead you to the summit via the backside of the mountain. The #5 trail is the most direct route but is the steepest to travel. For today's visit, we took a combination of the #2-3 trails, and then the #4 trail to the summit area. This route is on average easy to intermediate but provides a nice scenic trek through the forest. As you near the summit, you are treated to views of the Gatineau River and the surrounding region. The trip up to near the summit...

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Sommet Edelweiss - January 26, 2018


It was a Friday night and there's nothing better than leaving the office with a stop at the mountain to start the weekend on the right ski. Destination was Sommet Edelweiss. Offering the highest vertical drop for night skiing in the region, all the trails except two (Easter Bowl and Descente Telesiege) were open. A decent amount of people were present but the lineup at the Edelbahn Express, the only lift open aside from the Magic Carpet, was non-existant the entire night. Just ski up and go. Conditions were quite good, full snow coverage, firm base with little to no ice anywhere. Meeting up with my good friend René, and his pals Pat and Jay, we conquered the slopes. The weather was hovering around -5 to -10'c however the winds at the summit were surprisingly strong and I wouldn't have been surprised if the temperature at the top felt a good 10 degrees cooler...

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Mont Orford - January 17, 2018


Being a big fan of skiing in the Eastern Townships, today's destination was Mont Orford, known for having one of the highest vertical drops in Quebec. This was my second visit ever to Orford. The drive was smooth with no traffic, although a bit long from Gatineau (about 3h40). Taking the highway 30 to bypass Montreal definitely saves a lot of time and frustration. Arriving at 10am, the mountain was already starting to fill up with cars but nothing major. The weather was much warmer than it has been recently and the sun was starting to shine. Heading into the main chalet, I was quickly impressed by the sheer size of it, spread across 4 levels, that begged me to quickly drop my bags and go explore. Of particular note, there is a nice sandwich/coffee bar on the same level as the customer service.  Quickly putting on my boots and gear, I...

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Sommet Edelweiss

Sommet Edelweiss is located in beautiful Wakefield, Quebec, and is a 30 minute drive from Ottawa, once you have crossed the bridge into Quebec. Edelweiss presents the second highest vertical drop in the Gatineau region. The mountain features 20 trails, served by 3 quad chairlifts, one of which, the Edelbahn Express is a high speed detachable. A magic carpet is set up in the beginner area. The Mountain and the Ski Trails The mountain has a unique form to it, shaped like an amphitheater, with all the trails ending in front of the main chalet. This is perfect for families, as you can always count on everyone ending up in the same general area after each run. Easy beginner trails are found to the left and become intermediate and expert trails as you move further to the right of the mountain, making it easy to know where you should and shouldn't be based on your skill level. For beginners just starting, there is a separate area at the base of the mountain, served by a magic carpet lift, all...

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Camp Fortune - December 26, 2017


  The best Boxing Day deal today was going skiing. It was fairly clear that the majority of people you would have expected to be skiing had chosen to go shopping instead, leaving the mountain in pristine condition and contributing to no line-ups at the lifts. Thank you! As yesterday was Christmas Day and Camp Fortune was closed, the snow and conditions today were excellent. The fresh snow from the recent snowfall made the slopes perfectly soft and smooth. In fact, the only hard spots or ice I found was in the steepest portions of the expert trail Bud Clark. The rest of the mountain was offering the fresh fluffy stuff, with several spots to sneak in some first tracks. The skiable domain continues to grow, and already the Valley side is almost completely open, with the exceptions of Slalom and Duffy. Meech is in great shape with Paradise. It's sister trail,...

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Camp Fortune - November 26, 2017


When the weather starts getting colder and colder, most skiers start counting the days till their favorite mountain opens. Some start counting right from the last day of the previous season (spoiler... that's me). The wait is over, the countdown is at 0, today was my first day out on the slopes for the new season. While it may only be my first day out, it is the third day of the season at Camp Fortune and conditions are amazing. Like past years mother nature having up till now only provided cold weather and a fairly valueless snowstorm, the snowmaking experts at the mountain took up the challenge and now have Pineault open to the joy of skiers and snowboarders. The snow surface is firm with some loose snow on top (like icing on a cake). I couldn't have asked for more, as the snow allowed me to open things up with some...

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Hiking - Carbide Willson Ruins - Gatineau Park

A beautiful clear Saturday afternoon called for a visit to Gatineau Park to do some hiking. The park is famous for its endless trails and the multitude of choices of where to go and how to get there. This trip was to visit the Carbide Willson Ruins. Located to the North of Meech lake, the ruins can be found after the 3km hike. The trail is not very challenging to get to the ruins, however, there is a long hill halfway there. Surprisingly, the trail is quite popular and well-travelled. Definitely, one of the more popular locations to visit. Starting from the P11 parking lot by Meech lake, the trail heads up the hill to the North. The forest canopy providing plenty of cover and shade as you make the trip. Eventually, you reach a long downhill section, which culminates with a bridge over the lake. Looking South from here you can see Meech lake and the cottages that flank the shoreline. Continuing along the path, you will eventually reach a directional signpost. Oddly enough, to get to the...

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Hiking - Pioneer Trail - Gatineau Park

A great day in nature on Gatineau Park's Pioneer Trail. This hiking path is easily accessible from the Gatineau Park parkway entrance off of Boulevard des Allumetières near Hull. A large parking lot and information centre and map await your arrival. The Pioneer trail is not the longest trail and doesn't present much challenge as it has a relatively flat profile, but it is a great place to enjoy nature without having to go very far from the city. With a length of approximately 1.5km, the trail in the form of a loop takes about 30-40 minutes to walk. All along the path are interpretation panels, allowing you to learn about settlers in the Outaouais region and the Park's forest diversity. The love tree, carved with care by plenty of couples who have walked this path together. The whistling wind and the brushing of the leaves, you really feel at peace and with nature in Gatineau Park. The ever expansive forests that seemingly never end bring out anyone's sense of curiosity and exploration.

Paul Gordon

I got into skiing early, night skiing at Camp Fortune during elementary school. During high school, I had a season pass which caused a few skipped afternoons. I kept up skiing in high school with some straight all camber 210cm rockets when many buddies switched to snowboards during the early days of the sport. After high school though I basically stopped downhill skiing. I was based in Toronto for a while then Yellowknife up in the North West Territories where snow machining was the thing to do. Finally, when I moved back to Ottawa I decided to get back into alpine. I love downhill skiing... why had I stopped! Well, I bought some used Fischer Wateas 78's 181cms and got back on the hill. You don't forget how to ski. Anyway, I'm now hooked. Look I'm not some expert free rider or ex-racer but I like to go fast and I'll ski in any condition. I've switched up my skis a couple times now slowly moving to wider skis with more rocker. I've also tried Telemark skiing. I love skiing, I love being...

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Waterville Valley Resort Partners with ResortBoard and Debuts New Summer Activities

Waterville Valley Resort continues to offer opportunities for summer fun in the White Mountains with the addition of three new summer activities, including a partnership with GolfBoard to bring ResortBoard Adventure Tours to Waterville Valley, the first experience of its kind in New England. "It is exciting to not only be adding new activities that we have never had in Waterville Valley, but to also be creating a new type of experience in the Northeast," says Tim Smith, President and General Manager of Waterville Valley Resort. "You can't really experience the White Mountains without getting outside, getting off the beaten path, and seeking out a bit of adventure. Partnering with ResortBoards is allowing us to take some of what we love about snowsports and apply it to the summer months." ResortBoards are highly versatile personal transportation vehicles and can be used on pavement, gravel, loose dirt, mud, and even packed powder. The rugged design includes heavy-duty front and back spr...

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Paul Giddings

I started skiing around 1980 with my elementary school program that would bring us up to the now defunct Glen Mountain near Knowlton in the Eastern Townships of Quebec. I wasn't warm to the idea of skiing at first but thanks to my grade 4 teacher, I am glad that she convinced me to go. The Glen ended up being my second home on weekends and days off from school for the winters to follow. I worked at Owl's Head for 12 years as a liftie in the winter months, and in the hotel during the summers and kept my connection to skiing. When I left Owl's Head in 2001 for a career change, I left skiing behind as well until 2012 when I rediscovered a new found passion for the sport. I enjoy discovering new ski areas, and I am a bit of a ski lift "nerd" at the same time. There is nothing more stress relieving to me than riding a chairlift and putting my two feet on skis at a ski hill for the day. My other interests are photography, music, hiking, and ski history. 

Shane Séguin

At the age of 5, my parents helped me navigate the bumps for the first time on Pineault at Camp Fortune in the Gatineau Hills. My passion for skiing really took off once we arrived at Ski Vorlage, the birthplace of my mother's skiing legacy. Snowy days, to long nights under the stars, it was here that I got the itch for skiing and the excitement that came along with it. After several seasons, eventually skiing every resort in the area, I became obsessed with the sport. Over the years, with family and friends, I began to explore more ski mountains, farther from home, discovering many unique, exciting and breathtaking resorts. What makes me excited? Is it the amazing views from the mountain tops, the high speed thrill of carving up the slopes, or a technical curiosity of the ski lifts... one thing is for sure, it's definitely the best way to enjoy the best season of the year, and one amazing life long passion. 

Camp Fortune

Camp Fortune is the closest ski mountain to the cities of Ottawa and Gatineau, at only a 15-minute drive away. The mountain features a wide variety of trails, spread over 3 distinct mountainsides. Each side offers something different, from the family atmosphere to more challenging steep and higher speed trails, to long intermediate cruisers, Camp Fortune has it all, with 27 trails, 13 of which are open for night skiing, served by 8 lifts, consisting of 4 quad chairlifts and 1 triple. The mountain also features 2 base chalets, offering options for where you want to start and end your day. Located in Gatineau Park, Camp Fortune offers great ski conditions all season long thanks to snowmaking coverage on almost all trails. The Mountain and the Ski Trails The Valley is the main side of Camp Fortune, and is home to the large main chalet and all the services of the mountain. As its name implies, this area is formed inside a Valley with skiing on three of its sides. Starting with the Pin...

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Mountain Biking

Join our Team   Are you passionate about mountain recreational activities and love adventure? Do you enjoy taking pictures or short videos of your time outdoors? Do you want to have a place to share your stories? If your answer is yes, then we want to hear from you. We want to share more experiences and adventures in the slopes, whether it is skiing, snowboarding, hiking, snowshoeing, and more. Please send us an email at and tell us a bit about yourself and why you would like to join our team. We look forward to all working together and helping promote the great mountain sports we all practice.Please email us at

Hiking - Luskville Falls Trail - Gatineau Park

The Luskville Falls are located about 30 minutes from downtown Gatineau. With easy access by car, simply take Boulevard des Allumetières, until it turns into route 148 and follow that. After about 15-20 minutes, the road will switch into a divided highway, and the exit will be one of the first gravel roads to the right shortly after. Follow the road and turn left and you will arrive at the falls trail. The area is peaceful yet quite busy with visitors, as the trail is fairly popular to hike. A bit of forewarning, the trail is fairly steep, but nothing too challenging. Good footwear is recommended as most of the path is on rocks of various sizes and shapes.Beginning the trail from the parking lot, you head slightly downwards, then begin your ascent. The full hike up is approximately 300+ vertical metres. As you hike, the path follows a rocky path, almost in the form of stairs. Not long after the beginning, you see the base of the majestic falls up close. The flow of the water ...

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Camp Fortune - April 14, 2017


Here we are, at the end of the ski season in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. With the snow nearly all melted from the city and the heavy rain received over the past week, you could easily think that the skiing is over. This is definitely not the case. In fact, I can't remember the last time I skied at Easter at Camp Fortune where they had this much snow, and the skiing conditions were this great. Even more surprising, the Valley is still open, with Pineault and Allen's Alley, in addition to the trails on Skyline.  I started skiing shortly after opening at 9am. The first trail I tried was Heggveit, the classic double diamond of Camp Fortune. Wow, what a ride. The snow was already softening out and the slope was impeccable. Just a true joy to experience. Thanks to the spring conditions and the more forgiving snow, the imposing wall of...

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Easter Break with spring rates at Mont SUTTON

Mont SUTTON is already in Easter break celebrations mode. Many have already started their holiday on this Thursday April 13th: a perfect excuse to enjoy one of Easter's top destinations this year! Skiers and snowboarders can now enjoy the slopes at spring rates: $45 + t. for adults and $25 + t. for every other category (students, seniors…). What's more, children under 5 years old ski for free at all times at Mont SUTTON! These springs rates will allow everyone to enjoy the sunshine forecasted in the next few days along with spring skiing on a still good cover of snow and many activities. BBQ at the bottom of the hill, Live Music Friday with Madmoiselle, contestant on La Voix, Easter arts and crafts, decorated Easter egg hunt on Saturday, free maple taffy on snow on Sunday… and an Easter surprise at the bottom of the hill all weekend! ​Source : ​Mont SUTTON

Intrawest Resorts Holdings, Inc. to be Acquired by Affiliates of Aspen Skiing Company and KSL Capital Partners

Intrawest Resorts Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: SNOW), a leading North American mountain resort and adventure company, today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to be acquired by a newly-formed entity controlled by affiliates of the Aspen Skiing Company, L.L.C. ("Aspen") and KSL Capital Partners, LLC ("KSL"). Under the terms of the merger agreement, Intrawest stockholders will receive $23.75 in cash for each share of Intrawest common stock, representing a total valuation of approximately $1.5 billion including debt obligations to be assumed or refinanced net of cash at closing. The transaction was unanimously approved by the board of directors of Intrawest. Following the execution of the merger agreement, stockholders representing a majority of the voting shares of Intrawest delivered a written consent approving and adopting the merger agreement. The transaction is expected to close by the end of the third quarter of calendar year 2017 and is subject to certain closing co...

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Camp Fortune will be open this weekend, April 8-9

Open this weekend! We will be open this weekend with 3 chairlifts and 12 runs from 9 am to 4 pm. Come out and ski or ride this weekend! Our goal for this season is to be skiing over Easter weekend but with this wonky weather it's too early to say for sure so enjoy it while you can. Webcam Conditions Hours and late season ticket prices Fortune Cup Pro Race Join us on Sunday for the Fortune Cup Pro Race.First Prize is $1000 cash!This Race is an open event for U16 up to masters racers, FIS Racers, or anyone who thinks they can be the King of the Mountain. Enter today by emailing The spectator area is always a great place to spend the afternoon cheering on the competitors and spending time with ski friends. Event Info Surf Side Says The final snowboard jam of the year is this Sunday. Join us for "Surf Side Says", a laid back jam session brought to you by local skate/board/surf shop Surf Side. Admission is a non-perishable food item or a small donation for those in ...

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Spring skiing, arts and crafts and terrace for Easter at Mont SUTTON

Beautiful days of spring skiing are here! Lots of snow, family activities, Live Music Friday, BBQ at Chairlift II… everything will be there for a successful Easter weekend at Mont SUTTON! To celebrate Easter on the slopes, everyone is invited to let their creativity flow while doing free arts and crafts on Friday April 14th and Monday April 17th. The weekend will also start with a certainly stunning performance from Madmoiselle at Bar Le Tucker for one of the last Live Music Fridays of the season. On Saturday April 15th, young and old will be invited to identify the 5 decorated Easter eggs hidden on the slopes. A draw will take place among all the participants, and three lucky winners will go back home with a sweet treat. On Sunday April 16th, free maple taffy on snow will be given to all, letting them fulfill their craving for sweets between two runs! Under the sunshine, skiers and snowboarders are intived to enjoy not only the great snow cover, but also a BBQ at the foot of the hill ...

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