At the age of 5, my parents helped me navigate the bumps for the first time on Pineault at Camp Fortune in the Gatineau Hills. My passion for skiing really took off once we arrived at Ski Vorlage, the birthplace of my mother's skiing legacy. Snowy days, to long nights under the stars, it was here that I got the itch for skiing and the excitement that came along with it. After several seasons, eventually skiing every resort in the area, I became obsessed with the sport. Over the years, with family and friends, I began to explore more ski mountains, farther from home, discovering many unique, exciting and breathtaking resorts. What makes me excited? Is it the amazing views from the mountain tops, the high speed thrill of carving up the slopes, or a technical curiosity of the ski lifts... one thing is for sure, it's definitely the best way to enjoy the best season of the year, and one amazing life long passion.

How To Choose the Right Skis and Bindings for you

Downhill skiing is an exciting sport and a fun activity, but as with any sport it is important to choose the right equipment. Downhill skiing requires a different type of equipment than cross-country, snowboarding and other wintertime activities. Newcomers to the sport are often daunted by the sheer number of choices available, but there are some guidelines available to make selecting the perfect skis a bit easier.What's Your Skiing StyleBefore you can choose the perfect downhill skis, you first need to evaluate your skiing style. What type of terrain are you most familiar with? Do you prefer the groomed runs and convenient lifts of Alpine skiing, or do you prefer the excitement of back country skiing? Do you love showing off your skills in so-called park-and-pipe ski areas – specially designed terrain parks complete with jumps and other challenging obstacles, or do you prefer the fun of freestyle skiing? How you answer these questions will have a big impact on the type of ski that is ...

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Behind the Scenes : How Snowmaking Works at Ski Resorts

We often take for granted the snow on the ground, but ski resorts are not in a position to do the same. Snow is essential to their operation and success. With the ever unpredictable weather received in winter, which includes thaws, rain and worse, ski resorts need to "weather-proof" their operation as much as possible. One way to accomplish this is through snowmaking.Snowmaking allows a mountain to offer great ski conditions from the beginning to the end of a season, stepping in when nature presents issues, or helping touch up the ski slopes.In this video, made in collaboration with Calabogie Peaks, we take you "Behind the Scenes" and discover how snowmaking is accomplished and how the impressive technology works, in this guided tour with the resort's President, Paul Murphy and Brian Bunch, Mountain Operations Manager.

Behind the Scenes : How Detachable Ski Lifts Work

In this video, Martin Rochon, Mountain Director at Station Mont Tremblant, takes us on a tour of the Duncan Express (Doppelmayr Quad Detachable Chairlift), explaining the major principals of how detachable ski lifts work, as well as the major systems. You will also see inside Tremblant's Express Gondola (Doppelmayr 8 Passenger Detachable Gondola).Lifts are very complex machines, stretching over vast distances and climbing mountains with ease. Detachable lifts posses the technology to allow a faster speed up the mountain, thanks to their capability of detaching from the cable at the base and summit of the lift. When detached inside the terminals, the chairs or gondola cabins are able to move through at a greatly reduced speed, making loading and unloading easy, safe and more comfortable. Returning to the cable, the lift assumes a speed that can be double that of a conventional lift. With the higher speeds, skiers and snowboarders are brought back to the summit in less time.

Tremblant fires up the snowguns

​It's time to kick-off a new ski season! Although only the early steps in a complex operations plan designed to achieve optimal coverage, snowmaking efforts began last night owing to a first band of cold weather. Tremblant's 1,133-strong snowgun squad has the capability of burying the equivalent of 76 football fields under one foot of snow in only 24 hours. Better get ready ‒ skiing starts in just 30 days! Time to Book & Save on Vacations By booking a Winter Vacation before November 29 2016, visitors save up to 25% on reservations between November 1 2016 and April 30 2017. Plus, guests who stay with participating lodging partners are also entitled to free privileges like First Tracks, free skates and evening tubing! And the ​Latitude Card gets you out on the ski trails for as little as $57 a day. ​Source : Annick Marseille, Public Relations Advisor, Tremblant

Killington Resort to Begin Winter Season Tuesday October 25, 2016

Photo from Killington Resort facebook page

Killington Resort, the largest four-season resort in Eastern North America, is scheduled to kick off its 2016-17 winter season at 9:00 a.m. on Tuesday, October 25, becoming the first Eastern resort to open for skiing and snowboarding. The first turns of the season will be dedicated exclusively to Season Pass and Express Card holders, and the resort will open to the general public on Wednesday, October 26, 2016 at 9:00 a.m. Killington's operating schedule for the remainder of the week will be updated in real time at Snowmaking began in earnest on October 10, with production both on North Ridge ski trails Rime and Reason for public use, and upper Superstar trail where the Audi FIS World Cup will take place November 26-27. Over five inches of natural snow blanketed Killington on Sunday morning, providing snowmakers with an excellent base which they began adding to in the early hours of Sunday as snowfall tapered off and temperatures continued to drop. "With ...

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Mont Saint-Sauveur International becomes Les Sommets

(Photo : Alain Denis) - The executive of Les Sommets, accompanied by Louis Dufour, Chairman of the Board and Vice President Customer Experience and Development, and Louis Philippe Hébert President and CEO.

New identity for a pillar of the ski industry With an international reputation and all its four seasons activities, the group MSSI decided to re-position its brand, consulting with marketing communications agency Cossette and digital media agency, Sigmund, culminating in the birth of a new identity. From the installation of the first North American ski lifts to the development of one of the largest ski areas in North America, the history of Mont Saint-Sauveur is filled with family, ambition, innovation and passion. Since its infancy in the 70s, Mont Saint-Sauveur has continued to grow and innovate, becoming one of the most important economic engines in the region. Combining several ski resorts, camping, a tree top adventure, a water park, an amusement park and now mini golf, Mont Saint-Sauveur has become over the years a 'leader' in the recreational tourism industry. MSSI becomes Les Sommets Proud of its history and supporting the vision of its founder, the late Jacques G. Hébert, the ...

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How To Fix a Flat Tire on a Bike

In this video, Peter Kunstadt of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process of replacing a flat tire on a bike, while out on the trails. How To Choose the Right Mountain Bike for you In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Matt Polson of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process of selecting a mountain bike, ensuring maximum action and performance. How To Choose the Right Hybrid Bike for you In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Matt Polson of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process of selecting a hybrid bike, ensuring maximum performance and comfort. How To Choose the Right Road Bike for you In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Matt Polson of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process of selecting a road bike, ensuring maximum performance. How To Fix a Flat Tire on a Bike In this video, Peter Kunsta...

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Bromont set for a new season after investments of $1.5 million to improve the ski experience

Bromont, montagne d'expériences today announced investments of $1.5 million, which will be used to help improve the service infrastructures, mechanical lifts and snowmaking capacity. Efforts will be made to find new ways to improve and sustain crowd management across the site. "Last year, we surveyed our clients at the end of the season to find out which areas needed improvement, so we could target our investments accordingly," explains Charles Désourdy, President and CEO of Bromont, montagne d'expériences. "Traffic misperception is also an important issue our team is working on in an effort to continue to enhance our client experience," he adds. This year's investment of $1.5 million is in addition to the $50 million invested over the past 10 years. Improved infrastructures The capacity of the Chalet du Lac was increased by approximately 20 percent this year. It will also feature more storage space for visitors to this slope side. In addition, the cable of the detachable chairlift at ...

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How To Choose the Right Mountain Bike for you

In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Matt Polson of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process of selecting a mountain bike, ensuring maximum action and performance. How To Choose the Right Hybrid Bike for you In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Matt Polson of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process of selecting a hybrid bike, ensuring maximum performance and comfort. How To Choose the Right Road Bike for you In this video, Peter Kunstadt and Matt Polson of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process of selecting a road bike, ensuring maximum performance. How To Fix a Flat Tire on a Bike In this video, Peter Kunstadt of Kunstadt Sports, will guide you through the process of replacing a flat tire on a bike, while out on the trails.

Increased snowmaking and an exciting future at Mont Sutton

Mont SUTTON, one of Quebec's major ski resorts located in the Eastern Townships, is already gearing up for the 2016-2017 ski season. This season is the resort's first under the ownership of Jean-Michel Ryan, Pierre Chesnay and Sylvain Gervais and visitors can expect many exciting changes in a near future. This year will be one of transition, allowing for an in-depth analysis of potential diversification opportunities, of a real-estate development plan and of the resort's future endeavours. For this winter, the new owners are investing half a million dollars in the improvement of the existing snowmaking infrastructure.A year of transition that bodes well for the future This new season about to begin will mainly be one for reflection. A quarter of a million dollars will be invested in the creation of a master plan intended to turn the resort into a major four-season tourist destination, while staying true to the resort's authentic DNA. « We want to mobilize the active forces in Sutton in...

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Energy Efficiency Initiative at Cannon Mountain Expected to Cut Consumption 30 Percent

Projects are expected to be implemented for this coming winter A series of energy efficiency initiatives now underway at Cannon Mountain is expected to reduce energy consumption at the ski area by about 30 percent, while significantly increasing snowmaking capabilities. The State of New Hampshire signed a $5.1 million contract with the energy service firm Ameresco for the project. "This is part of the state's effort to reduce its energy consumption 50 percent by 2030," said Commissioner Jeffrey Rose of the Department of Resources and Economic Development, which oversees operation of Cannon Mountain. "Even as this important project is anticipated to cut energy consumption, it will provide critical upgrades to important infrastructure at the ski area." The conservation measures include replacement of Cannon's main-trunk powerline and upgrading the transformer; construction of a mid-mountain snowmaking booster pump house; installation of 388 high efficiency tower snowmaking guns, and ligh...

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Waterville Valley Resort Kicks Off Construction of the Green Peak Expansion

Waterville Valley Resort announces today the start of the Green Peak Expansion project, scheduled to open for the 2016/17 Winter Season. This first phase of the project will include the cutting of 10 new trails to provide 45 new acres of skiing and riding and will be serviced by a fixed grip chairlift. This will be Waterville Valley Resort's biggest expansion project in more than 30 years. Jack Sanders, a longtime skier at Waterville Valley and attorney for the Resort said "I congratulate Chris Sununu, his leadership team and the management of Waterville Valley Holdings on launching the first expansion of the ski area. Chris Sununu is President of the ownership group which is the fourth company to own Waterville Valley, but the first to expand the ski area." Sanders continued, "I have been skiing in Waterville Valley since Tom Corcoran developed it as a first class ski area and now with new leadership, the updated master plan is on the road to being fulfilled. What is amazing is to see...

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What's new for winter 2016-17 at Smugglers' Notch

Photo : Priscilla Emerling

Coming this winter - FunZone 2.0, a one-of-a-kind $4.1 million indoor play space for families. The FunZone will offer two levels of high-energy fun with entertaining and challenging activities such as a ninja warrior obstacle course, dual climbing wall, inflatables and bouncy houses, laser tag, slot car racing, an arcade and redemption center, and more. This premiere facility will encompass 26,000 square feet with a broad range of activities for all ages to enjoy. Smugglers' original FunZone set the bar for resort family fun. When it opened in 1999 it was an innovative facility that was unparalleled at mountain resorts, and it quickly became one of the most popular features at Smugglers'. The new FunZone with its expanded space, more varied mix of features, and improved services is an example of Smugglers' continuing commitment to serving the interests of its family visitors through innovative programming and activities. The expected opening for the new FunZone is mid winter 2016/2017....

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Sunday River Resort to Install New Three-Person Chairlift on Spruce Peak

Sunday River Resort will install a new three-person chairlift on Spruce Peak and a new top terminal on Locke Mountain. Both the new chairlift and top terminal are manufactured by Doppelmayr USA, Inc; construction for the new top terminal is currently underway. Like the original Spruce Peak Triple, the new $2.1 million dollar Doppelmayr fixed-grip three-passenger chairlift will be built in the same location and use a conveyor system to help load passengers onto the chairlift. Passenger ride time is expected to improve from 12 minutes to 10 minutes. The decision to replace the resort's 1986-built Spruce Peak Triple comes after the original chairlift's top terminal detached from its foundation in an unwitnessed event on July 10, 2016. The Spruce Peak Triple does not operate in the summer and there were no injuries. Engineers recently identified concrete grout failure as the cause of the detachment and determined that damage from the event warranted replacing the entire lift. From these fi...

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Snowmaking begins at Killington Resort

Photo : Killington Resort, Facebook page

Vermont's Killington Resort, the largest ski and snowboard destination in Eastern North America, has begun snowmaking in advance of the 2016 Audi FIS Ski World Cup comes to Vermont's largest ski area on November 26-27, 2016. Killington Resort was the first North American ski mountain to open its season to the general public in 2015, in part because of the resort's advanced snowmaking and grooming prowess. Killington typically begins the longest season in the East with exclusive access for season pass holders, rewarding commitment to the resort with the first turns of the winter. Season Passes, Express Cards and K-Tickets are all currently on sale, but with price deadlines approaching later this week. Snowmaking lit up on Killington and Skye Peaks just before dawn Monday, building stockpiles for both public consumption on North Ridge trails and the approaching Audi FIS Ski World Cup races on the legendary trail Superstar. In addition to summer snowmaking improvements to the water lines,...

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What’s New – The Stowe Adventure Center

Brand new this winter in Stowe is the opening of an 80 million dollar Adventure Center. This state-of-the art facility literally sets a new standard in the industry for kids and family amenities. Located at Spruce Peak and adjacent to Stowe's new outdoor Ice Skating Rink, Stowe's Adventure Center is home to all Stowe's children's programs. From beautiful daycare facilities to ski and ride programs for kids 3 and up, the new Adventure Center has significantly advanced and expanded family amenities and services at the resort. The building also includes new shops, an Indoor Climbing Center (called Stowe Rocks) and family-friendly dining. Spruce Peak Village CenterIncludes a new crepe restaurant, a gourmet food and beverage market, a coffee shop and retail shopping. The shops at Spruce Peak include the latest mountain lifestyle brands, winter gear, Stowe logo products, regional crafts and more – all conveniently gathered among a distinctive variety of new shops and eateries w...

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Cold Air: All Systems Go at Sunday River

Photo : Nick Lambert

As temperatures fell at Sunday River Resort overnight, the snowmaking team fired up the snowguns at 4AM for their initial systems test on Saturday, September 24, signaling the beginning of winter 2016-17 just three days after the first day of fall. Sunday River typically opens for skiing and snowboarding on or around Halloween, and this annual snowmaking test confirms: all systems go. During this morning's test, snowmakers ran 10 snowguns on the Lower Downdraft ski trail, just below the top terminal of the resort's signature Chondola chairlift. This season's opening plan will include top-to-bottom skiing and snowboarding on Aurora Peak, accessed by the Chondola out of the South Ridge base area. Though the resort has not yet set an official opening date, this test does give Sunday River's snowmakers the go-ahead to crank the system at full capacity—8,100 gallons of water and 60,000 cubic feet of air per minute, producing four acre feet per hour—at the first sustained cold spell with tem...

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Vail Resorts elevates the guest experience with $100 million in Resort Improvements for 2016-17

Vail Resorts, Inc. continues to raise the bar for skiers and riders as the Company invests approximately $100 million in the guest experience for the upcoming winter across its resorts, bringing its five-year, industry-leading resort investment total to more than $500 million across the Company. The most significant improvements include a new restaurant on Peak 7 at Breckenridge, an upgraded high-speed chairlift accessing Vail's Back Bowls, significant renovations to the guest rooms of The Pines Lodge, A RockResort at Beaver Creek, and $13 million to completely re-imagine the guest experience at Wilmot Mountain, located near Chicago, Ill. "Guests expect a premium experience when they visit one of our resorts, including the highest levels of guest service as well as the cutting edge in lifts, restaurants, lodging and other elements of their vacation," said Kirsten Lynch, chief marketing officer of Vail Resorts. "This year's resort improvement plan reflects our goal to continue to delive...

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Hiking - Lusk Cave Trail - Gatineau Park

A sunny late summer Saturday always signals the perfect time to go exploring and hiking. Having been interested for some time to see what all the fuss over the Lusk Caves was about, Ana and I ventured out to the Philippe Lake area to hike the trail and check out this unique attraction in Gatineau Park. The Lusk Caves were created some 12,500 years ago from melting glacial waters. This melting water was forced into cracks of the Marble rock, eroding them more quickly than the other type of rock present, which led to the creation of the unique tunnels that are explorable today. To this day, water continues to stream through the cave, continuing this erosion and gradually shaping the cave. Exploring the cave is an experience all on its own, clearly, a fact recognized by the number of people visiting. The Lusk Stream flows through the cave and as a result, exploration consists of passages of water, some dry and shallow, others with water levels as high as a metre or more. There are brief s...

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Vail Resorts and Whistler Blackcomb agree to strategic combination

Photo : David McColm

Vail Resorts, Inc. and Whistler Blackcomb Holdings, Inc. today announced that they have entered into a strategic business combination joining Whistler Blackcomb with Vail Resorts. Under the transaction, Vail Resorts would acquire 100 percent of the stock of Whistler Blackcomb, whose shareholders would receive C$17.50 per share in cash and 0.0975 shares of Vail Resorts common stock, for consideration having a total value of C$36.00 per share. The share exchange ratio is based upon closing stock prices and currency exchange rates as of August 5, 2016 and is subject to a currency exchange rate adjustment, as described below."Combining Whistler Blackcomb with Vail Resorts' portfolio of outstanding resorts provides Whistler Blackcomb with increased financial strength, marketing exposure, guest relationships and broadens the geographic diversity of our company with resorts across the United States, as well as in Australia and Canada. This relationship will bring greater resources to support ...

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Mont Cascades - February 19, 2016


After a week of serious snowfall, 51cm in Ottawa, you can be sure that ski conditions were going to be among the best you will ever find. So this Friday night, I set out after work to meet up with René and Sam to ski the snowy slopes of Mont Cascades. All the trails of the mountain were open, minus Hogan and Gratton (which are not lit for night skiing). The weather was not as cold as it has been the past few weeks making it easy to enjoy the snow without freezing. However, ice pellets were falling on and off throughout the evening. This in no way reduced the enjoyment of the evening, for the conditions were worth every moment. No ice but soft snow everywhere. Being Friday night, the mountain is open till 11:55pm, making it the perfect place to start the weekend. The new Doppelmayr quad chairlift adds...

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Camp Fortune - December 13, 2015


Exactly two weeks after my first visit this season to Camp Fortune, I found myself back on its slopes. Having loaded my gear into the car the night before, there was no excuse not to arrive early. The mountain opened at 9am, but I left home at 8am, being sure to be among the first to enjoy the snow. As I only live 12 minutes away, you can imagine I arrived quite early. Luckily the chairlifts were already spinning by the time I was all set to go and was treated to an earlier start than anticipated.  This weekend, the mountain had two trails open, Pineault (beginner) and Paradis (intermediate), offering skiing on two sides of the resort. Paradis is the longest trail at Camp Fortune, and one I very much enjoy. It has long straight sections with several turns and consistent slopes. Conditions were firm with a good base, great for carving and enjoying some...

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Camp Fortune - November 29, 2015


Here we are, the beginning of the ski season in the National Capital Region. While it is no longer the first day for Camp Fortune (that was Thursday), you can definitely feel the excitement and anticipation of getting your own ski season started. The Pineault quad chairlift and trail were open with a good base and coverage. Yes it did rain on Friday, but no it did not have any effect on the snow or the mountain. Ski conditions were right up with what you'd expect mid-season, which is nothing short of great and certainly a fantastic way to start the winter. Score : Camp Fortune 1 - Mother Nature 0. Heading inside the spacious lodge, and with the opening only minutes away, I strapped on my ski boots and clunked my way out to the lift. Riding up the mountain, you can clearly see the contrast between nature and human passion and...

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Hiking - Champlain Lookout Trail - Gatineau Park

The Champlain Lookout trail takes you around the edge of the Eardley Escarpment, showcasing stunning views and vistas. With a length of approximately 1.2km, it is not the longest trail, but definitely one of the more enjoyable ones. Several sections are on the edge of steep cliffs, bordered by wood fences, further adding to the awe inspiring landscapes and experience. Interpretive panels explain the unique geology as well as unique and rare species found in this area. The ever elusive milk snake for example can on occasion be spotted along this trail near rocky formations. Crossing several small streams passing through rocky formations, there is plenty to enjoy on this trail in Gatineau Park. Accessed from the Champlain Parkway's lookout, the trail should be considered intermediate in difficulty. With two perfect viewing points, including one that juts out from the mountain on a platform, don't forget to bring your camera. Once finished, be sure to also enjoy the view and scenery by th...

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Hiking - Lauriault Trail - Gatineau Park

Another day in Gatineau Park, another trail to discover. Today it was time to venture down the Lauriault Trail. This trail is accessed off of the Waterfall Trail, previously visited last week. The Lauriault Trail is about 3.5km in length, over relatively intermediate terrain. Nothing overly steep, or challenging. Weaving through the trees, while crossing several water streams, the halfway point of the trail arrives at a lookout point, giving a grand view of the surrounding region from above. Continuing on the trail, you come across the Mulvihill Lake, the perfect place for a picnic lunch or gazing into the water. This area is calm and peaceful, with a platform extending out over the water. The return trip on the opposite side of the loop is just as eventful, with more sloping terrain and passages to cross. You also see the stream that feeds the waterfall, which surely must rage during the springtime with all the melting snow. The entire adventure took about 1.5 hours to complete, and d...

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